Justin Bieber's Fashion Line Quietly Dropped $5 Shoes — And They Already Sold Out

Not much is known about Justin Bieber's clothing range. ELLE reported on Bieber's supposed fashion line Drew House last month when it launched and became "Instagram official" with a smiley face emoji. The brand appears to reference Bieber's middle name — "Drew." Well, Bieber's Drew House just quietly dropped $5 hotel slippers, according to Hypebeast.

The lounge-y and surprising shoes promptly sold out. No, really.

The slippers look like those freebies that come tucked in the pocket of the standard issue hotel bath robe and are meant for puttering around your room while you get dressed or unwind after a long day while away from home.

Are these hotel slippers a symbol of what's to come? Are they even for real? Perhaps. We will have to wait and see.

The unisex slides debuted in men's sizes 6 to 11. They are plush, white coral fleece and feature comfy padding. The yellow emoji that appears to be Drew House's official logo prominently factors into the design.

They are simple and — as the product description notes — cheap.

Other core deets per the product description? They are "super soft" and are "perfect for drew house guests and anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into something cozy at the end of the day." That's pretty much all of us.

The Biebs posted a photo of presumably his feet wearing a pair of the slippers — with multicolored and layered socks, of course.

Bieber posting the slippers on his well-trafficked Insta was likely the catalyst that caused the available pairs to sell out. It was a smart waqy to make the slippers go viral. Will those blinged out chains go on sale soon? Hopefully!

Don't you love how the name "Drew" serves as the smiley mouth in the logo design? The hotel slippers are the ultimate in minimalist footwear. They might not be what anyone was expecting, but...

Fans and followers quickly responded to the post announcing the slippers' avails.

The selection if Insta comments suggests supply and demand.

Courtesy of Drew House

Here's the front-facing view. They are cute and so low key. It's a happy face looking up at you — every time you look down.

Courtesy of Drew House

If you are ISO of a pair of shoes to wear around the house while doing chores or simply hanging out and such, these would be it. So hope for a restock and that this isn't "a one and done" launch. The fact that the slippers dropped without much in the way of fanfare will only elevate their cult status and make fans covet them more.

Courtesy of Drew House

Here's the view from the back. These aren't exactly designed or constructed for going out and about.

Courtesy of Drew House

Sadly, as mentioned, the shoes are no longer available for purchase on the Drew House site. The screen shot is the proof.

At just $5 a pop, they were bound to go quickly. It was a simple and quiet intro. It's best for Beliebers to throw the Drew House Instagram a follow and continue to check socials for new drops and additional updates.

Courtesy of Drew House

Even the brand's "About Us" section is simple. Like I said, there is not too much to go on besides the visual evidence on the site and The Biebs' Insta. Stay tuned to those feeds for more critical intel.