Justin Trudeau & Emmanuel Macron Memes Are 'Bachelor'-Worthy Moments

by Natasha Guzmán

Leaders from around the world met on Friday in Brussels for the G7 Summit, and one moment from the meeting swept the internet off its feet: photos of the strapping leaders of Canada and France going on a romantic stroll together spread like wildfire across social media. Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron sparked so many memes, chiefly about how much the two men looked like a handsome couple, or at least an astonishingly good-looking pair of friends.

The enthusiasm resulting from their meeting isn't too surprising. Some corners of the cyber world have been fantasizing about Trudeau and Macron's meeting well before they touched down in Sicily for the G7 Summit. Both men are known for holding liberal views; Macron was even dubbed "the French Trudeau" on social media.

Following his meeting with the Canadian leader, Macron tweeted a video of the meeting. "The Franco-Canadian friendship has a new face," he wrote. "@JustinTrudeau, we have to meet the challenges of our generation!" In a followup tweet including a photo of the pair, the French president said, "Together around common values, to respond to issues related to terrorism, climate and economic cooperation." Trudeau also tweeted photos of the friendly-looking meeting with Macron. "Sitting down with @EmmanuelMacron for the first time, talking jobs, security & climate – looking forward to more conversations, my friend," he wrote.

Their mutual admiration on Twitter only made the internet swoon harder over the photos of their walk. Check out some of the funniest reactions to the pair's first face-to-face encounter.

1. Tying The Knot

The beautiful flowers and picturesque view would actually make for the perfect wedding shoot.

2. Trudeau's Charm Claims More Victims

Macron became the latest the long list of people at the mercy of Trudeau's charisma.

3. This Is Accurate

Trudeau really does look like he's trying to win Macron back.

4. Can This Really Happen?

Except instead of happening in a movie, can it happen in real life?

5. The Moment Everyone Lost Their Minds

When was the last time people were so excited about two politicians meeting?

6. They're Moving So Fast

Nobody's complaining, though.

7. Looks Like A Fairytale

Would be pretty hard to find someone not down for an afternoon like this.

8. 'Bachelor' Fans Will All Agree

Taormina looks like one of the vacation destination the final contestants get to visit on the show.

9. Yes, Please

This would be perfect.

10. Solid Relationship Advice

Can't go wrong if you find someone like this.

11. There Is One Sad Detail, Though

Seems like occasions to miss Obama are always waiting to crop out when least expected. Let's hope Macron and Trudeau's new friendship can bring about positive changes for the world, along with more great photos.