JWoww’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Reunion Dream Sounds Like, Well, A Dream

Ever since Jersey Shore gave its final fist pump in December 2012, my life has felt a little less full. Of course, I watched Snooki & JWoww and loved every second, but it just wasn't the same as seeing all of the Jersey Shore gems gymming, tanning, laundering, partying, dancing, fighting, cooking, and laughing on a weekly basis. Needless to say, I'm clamoring for a reunion. And lucky me, it sounds like a reunion is not not in the cards. At the premiere of Logo reality series Fire Island, E! News talked to three Jersey Shore stars about whether or not a reunion special will ever happen. Though they’ve all moved on from the series, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola, and Vinny Guadagnino all seemed pretty on board with the idea. Most of ‘em have reunited multiple times offscreen already, so why not get the crew back together for the MTV cameras?

So, if a Jersey Shore reunion were to happen, what might it entail? JWoww shared the cast’s idea with E! News. The cast’s truly delightful and truly realistic idea. She said,

The Jersey Shore angels plus a vacation plus their families? Sounds perfect, I would watch. Especially if they went to Miami. And stayed in the Season 2 Miami abode. And broke the Season 2 closet again. And brought the Seaside Heights duck phone to the Season 2 house. Look, I re-watched several episodes of Season 2 a few weekends ago (shoutout to MTV Classic) and I have yet to move on. What a gorgeous season of television.

Also? “I'm old now, I can't handle a hangover like I did” warmed every last cockle of my heart.