Kaitlyn Bristowe Just Released Her First Single After Sitting On It For A Year

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Five years after making her realty TV debut, one former Bachelorette is returning to her musical roots in a particularly honest way. On Thursday, May 14, Kaitlyn Bristowe released her debut single, "If I'm Being Honest," and the country-influenced tune is an perfectly on-brand ode to owning your insecurities. Bristowe — a former dance instructor — began pursuing her love of singing and writing music after moving to Nashville shortly after her season of The Bachelorette wrapped in 2017.

But while she rediscovered her passion for singing in Music City itself, Bristowe revealed on Instagram that she was scared to actually release any music for a long time. "If I’m being honest, I didn’t think I would ever release this song," she wrote, adding that the track was finished last year, but that she wasn't ready to release it. "I was too afraid, insecure, and kept doing the classic 'what if.'"

However, Bristowe explained that the current coronavirus pandemic has made her realize "how important time is," and inspired her to share her music. "I don’t know who needs to hear this but f*ck the what if’s," she wrote, later adding that "singing has always been something that makes my heart happy." (Bristowe has often showcased her vocal talents and lessons on her Instagram Story.) "So if I’m being honest, I'm still feeling insecure, yet PROUD to share this with you now," she continued.

Ultimately, Bristowe wrote that she hoped fans could relate to the song's lyrics, which include lines about learning to embrace your flaws and being honest about your vulnerabilities. "And if I'm being honest/ I'm not always as tough as I seem," Bristowe sings in the chorus. "And the words that I say to myself / Are the ones that hit the hardest / If I'm being honest."

"I didn't have any intentions of releasing it but given the times we're in, it's a really relatable, honest song," the former Bachelorette told TVLine in a recent interview. "I just told myself I would regret it if I didn't release it."

Shortly after the song was released, Bristowe celebrated "If I'm Being Honest" hitting the top 2 on the US iTunes sales chart overnight. "The amount of love and support I have felt today is beyond what I could put into words," she wrote. Lots of that love has come from Bristowe's fellow members of Bachelor Nation, many of whom praised her and the song in the comments of her social media posts.

"You inspire so many people because of your authenticity and realness!" Mykenna Dorn wrote on Bristowe's post. "I love this song and will be wine dancing to it ASAP!!" Meanwhile, Andi Dorfman praised Bristowe, calling her a "Boss babe! Quadruple threat! Beast! Badass! Etc!" And their mutual ex, Nick Viall left a simple, "Congrats!!" After all, nothing brings people together like a catchy, relatable song.