Karl Cook Proposed To Kaley Cuoco & The Video Will Make Your Heart Sing

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to E!, The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco and boyfriend Karl Cook are officially engaged. The announcement came in the form of an Instagram video, in which Cuoco, with tears streaming down her face, tells the camera, before even saying yes to Cook's proposal, "We're engaged."

The pair were rumored to have been dating since March of 2016.

In the video, Cuoco is seen sobbing uncontrollably, wiping tears from her face. After a few seconds, Cook's voice is heard. "What's on your finger, honey?" he asks Cuoco. She half laughs and says, "We're engaged." "You still haven't said yes yet," Cook says. To this, Cuoco yells, "Yes! I say yes!" A crowd of cheers is heard in the background.

The proposal comes on a significant date - the star's birthday. Cuoco turned 32 years old on Thursday.

Cook posted the video to his Instagram later in the evening. In the caption, he said, "Who knew my prior post was oracular. Well, after nearly two years, I finally got up the courage to ask her to marry me. This is the best night of my life, and I think the video shows it is the best night for Kaley as well..[she] said yes!!!!!"

Three hours prior to the proposal video, Cook posted a video of he and Cuoco in a Target. In the photo, Cook is holding a large faux diamond ring. "On my loves birthday I got her everything she has always wanted... Now judging by her face maybe not, it's the thought that counts right."

Cook is a professional equestrian. E! reported back in 2016, when the couple first started dating, that he had, several years earlier, considered quitting horseback riding. However, given the choice between riding or going back to school, Cook reportedly chose riding, and stuck it out through a funk in which he wasn't performing as well as usual. Prior to dating Cook, Cuoco had been a known horse-lover, and has, at times, rode competitively, herself. She also reportedly owns a horse.

After sharing the proposal video, Cook also shared a close up photo of Cuoco's ring in its box. It is pear-shaped. “I am so so so happy. Thank you @nadis_diamonds for making the greatest ring I could hope for," he said in the caption. "Absolutely brilliant. Thank you thank you."

Previously, Cuoco was married to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. But in 2015, after 21 months married, the couple called it quits. The divorce was finalized in May of 2016, according to People.

Since 2007, Cuoco has starred as Penny in the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show is currently in its eleventh season. Over the course of the show, Penny has been a waitress, aspiring actress, and eventually, a pharmaceutical representative.

But, marriage is not the only exciting thing coming up in the actress's life. In October, Cuoco founded Yes, Norman Productions, a television and film production company. (Reportedly, the company is named after Cuoco's dog. Her Instagram handle, @normancook, is also a reference to the dog. It featured the faux surname "Cook" before she and Cook were dating.)

No television shows or movies have been released under the production company as of yet. However, one project is reportedly underway - the company reportedly optioned the rights to The Flight Attendant, a novel written by Chris Bohjalian. The book is set to be released in 2018. Cuoco will play the main role in the adaptation - which is a flight attendant.

She will work with Warner Bros. TV on the project, which is the same company behind The Big Bang Theory.