'Broken Beautiful Hearts' Is The Steamy YA Romance You've Been Waiting For

By Kerri Jarema

Most YA Romance fans are all more than familiar with Kami Garcia. The author of both supernatural love stories like the much-read series Beautiful Creatures, as well as contemporary hits including The Lovely Reckless, Garcia has become synonymous with a certain breed of drama-filled, compulsively readable romance. And now she's back with her latest release, Broken Beautiful Hearts. The story follows Peyton, who before was a star soccer player with the perfect boyfriend, Reed. Now, she has a torn knee ligament, a scholarship on the line, and a shattered sense of self.

No one believes Reed pushed her, causing her injury, and Peyton just wants to leave the trauma behind. Living with her uncle and twin cousins in their small, football-obsessed town seems like a great escape plan. There, Peyton meets Owen—high school classmate and local MMA fighter. Though Owen is charming and gentle, Peyton is determined to repress her growing attraction. But when her old and new life collide, Peyton must reclaim the truth of her past in order to save her future.

With what promises to be tons of southern charm, the interesting and intense world of underground martial arts, and the red-hot chemistry readers have come to expect from Kami Garcia, Broken Beautiful Hearts should be a more than welcome addition to the author's body of work. Now, let's take a look at the cover, shall we?

Broken Beautiful Hearts by Kami Garcia

"I'm so excited to share the cover of Broken Beautiful Hearts with my readers, and I hope they love Peyton and Owen as much as I do," Garcia tells Bustle. "At the beginning of the novel, Peyton finds herself in a situation that breaks her heart and makes her question if she can trust where it leads her in the future. I have a deeply personal connection to this story and Peyton's experience, and the cover captures the brokenness she feels—and the hope. The neon heart represents that hope, but it also has a double meaning that readers will understand by the end of the book."

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Broken Beautiful Hearts is set to hit shelves on February 6, 2018.