Kanye West Is Bringing His Sunday Service To Coachella, But It Won't Be On The Main Stage

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West is coming to Coachella after all — and in a way that only he could. Kanye West is bringing his Sunday Service to Coachella on Easter, a move that has shocked festivalgoers who have tickets to the highly anticipated event.

The festival announced the news via their Twitter account on March 31, Sunday afternoon, sharing a video of the rapper talking about the upcoming performance. West says in the Coachella video,

"Yeah, we were out in Palm Springs, and they took us to a little campground, because we were thinking about a little performance in Palm Springs, just a little one. Then they had a mountain. He had a mountain waiting for us. He had a date waiting for us. Only one date that that mountain would be available: Easter Sunday at Coachella."

It's not clear if the "he" in West's speech is one of the festival's organizers, or a reference to God himself. But where there's a will, there's a way, evidently. And the Coachella organizers had the will to bring the rapper out to the festival, doing whatever they needed to in order to get him there. For festivalgoers, though, it will be a literal uphill battle in order to get to the mountaintop concert, if the video is accurate. And fans might not want to party too much the night before, because the Sunday Service will apparently be at 9:00 a.m.

Kim Kardashian also posted about the news on Sunday, sharing video of her husband telling a plane full of people the happy news.

Kanye has been holding Sunday Services for the past few weeks, with A-listers like Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry on the guest list. The events include a gospel choir, as well as performances of some of West's own songs, according to Entertainment Tonight. And North West seems to love her dad's Sunday Services, too, based on a sweet video Kardashian shared of her dancing during one of them.

Still, it's a little surprising that the Sunday Service will become a part of Coachella 2019. As Variety reported, Westwas originally supposed to headline the festival. But he backed out after reported creative differences about the stage he'd be performing on. It looks like he and the festival's organizers found a compromise in the mountaintop performance, though.

Fans who have tickets to the festival on Easter Sunday were excited about the surprise concert news.

"I will literally go to Coachella just for Kanye's Sunday service," one person tweeted. (They might have a hard time getting a ticket, though, because the only Weekend 2 tickets on Ticketmaster are currently resale, and they're pretty pricey.)

Meanwhile, other fans who had tickets to the festival's first weekend were disappointed they wouldn't get to attend the Sunday Service.

The news about Kanye West's Easter Sunday performance is surprising, and it will definitely be a one-of-a-kind experience for the fans who get to attend. It won't be a traditional Coachella stage performance, that's for sure, which means it will surely be an event to remember.