Kat Von D Beauty Metallic Lipsticks Are Coming

by Kali Borovic

Fall might still be months aways, but it looks like fans have a lot to be excited about. Kat Von D teased an upcoming beauty collab on her Instagram, and it's exciting for more than just one reason. From the shade of the lipstick to the organization, all the details are here, so it's time to get excited. If the rest of the shades are as stunning as the first sneak peek's, you should start saving up right now.

As if their Saint and Sinner Perfumes, Shimmery Shade + Light Palette, and The Saint Set weren't already enough, Kat Von D Beauty has some big plans for fall. According to Kat Von D's social media sneak peek, the makeup brand is teaming up with Farm Sanctuary for a four-piece Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Collection. The organization was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage awareness. Kat Von D is open about her vegan, cruelty free lifestyle, so this collaboration makes perfect sense.

According to the Instagram post, there will be four Everlasting Liquid Lipstick shades coming out on Nov. 1. Kat Von D Beauty will be donating proceeds form every single one to Farm Sanctuary. Of course, like all good collabs, this one will only be around for a limited time.

The first shade, which has been the only one shown as of July 8, is a gorgeous metallic blue called. Seeing as it's the first high-shine shade from the brand, the color is unlike any other on the Kat Von D Beauty website. There's no word on whether the other colors will be metallic as well or if they'll all have different formulas.

This isn't the first charity collab that the brand has taken part in, either. Back in 2016, Kat Von D Beauty teamed up with Project Chimps to give back for every bright red lipstick bought. The collab ended up raising over $200,000 for the charity.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 1, because it looks like this will be the biggest Kat Von D Beauty charity collab ever. Fingers crossed that this means that even more metallics are coming from the brand as well!