Kat Von D's Saint & Sinner Perfumes Have Been Resurrected

Kat Von D-evotees are beyond stoked about this news. Like so, so stoked, to quote one fan and customer. The brand is resurrecting its Saint and Sinner perfumes in all-new packaging. The scents themselves have not changed, so you can totally relax if you have loved and missed these fragrances and are eagerly anticipating their return. They are back as is.

The bottles are gorgeous and collectible; that is, you will want to display them on your vanity or even a shelf long after you've used the last drop of product. They remind me of potion holders from another century and they boast the usual Kat Von D x gothic x dark aesthetic.

Saint and Sinner will make their glorious return to Sephora on Thursday, Jul. 13. Take a precious moment to program a reminder into your phone so you can shop the scents at that time.

ICYMI these KVDB fragrances the first time around and you aren't already a Saint and/or Sinner wearer, you are likely wondering what they smell like.

Well, Sinner rocks mandarin, orange blossom, plum, jasmine, white flowers, cinnamon, vetiver, patchouli, wood, vanilla, and musk. Don't you want to take a big whiff of that? It's a spicy floral, based on those notes.

The makeup maven and tattoo artist posted the new promo shots on her personal Instagram. She is slaying that wet-look, black and red latex.

Fans are stoked, as Sinner seems to be a fan favorite, based on the comments. Check out a sampling below.

The reactions celebrate the packaging and the vegan status.

Sinner seems to be quite a hit and a scent of which KVD fans have the

fondest memories.

Kat is making a lot of her makeup minions happy by exhuming these fragrances.

The results are in!