A Fave KVD Eye Palette Is Getting A Makeover

Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

A beloved Kat Von D product is getting a makeover that appears to be like a sister version! The Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, which is an eyeshadow palette, is changing. Kat Von D-evoteees, y'all need to relax! Do. Not. Freak. Out. It looks to be an addition to the Shade + Light range rather than a replacement.

Bustle reach out to Kat Von D Beauty reps for further details.

The original features 12 eyeshadows in matte texture and I use it all the time to create smoky eyes. I hit pan on several shades already and have moved on to hitting pan on the others. There are no skippable shades in the bunch, since they coordinate so well.

The brand will now offer a "Glimmer" version of the popular, neutrals-packed palette. BTW, the overall Shade + Light range also includes a popular contouring palette.

So what's different about this "Glimmer" version of the shadow palette?

Well, it is what the name suggests!

The Glimmer Palette, which is coming in July, features the same original tones from the original, just reimagined in four, wearable glimmer finishes. The Glimmers have different levels of intensity, according to the caption on the post on the official KVDB Instagram. The Glimmers are designed to bring "light-catching dimension to the eyes."

All signs point to an update of the original; it doesn't sound like a swap out of one for the other. If you love the matte original, which I certainly pledge my allegiance to, this is another way to enjoy and use those same shades. And oh yeah, the shadows certainly have a different dimension, depth, and texture. You can get majorly creative and mix shadows from both palettes for a more fully actualized look.

Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D mastered mattes with the OG Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, so she is trying something different and having a little fun with the Glimmers and by playing with another texture.

Courtesy of Kat Von D Beauty

Here are swatches of the original matte Shade + Light! I cannot wait to see how the Glimmer versions translate on multiple skintones and on my own eyelids, yo!

As is the case with all KVD products, the Glimmer Shade + Light Glimmer eye palette will be vegan.