Kate McKinnon Brings Back The Sessions Impression

If you're a fan of Saturday Night Live, then it's probably been a pretty rough month for you. The long-running comedy show has been off the air, in the thick of its annual summer hiatus, meaning you've had to turn to other sources for your weekly fix of political comedy. But if you're missing Kate McKinnon especially ― which wouldn't be shocking, given that she's arguably the show's most dynamic and hilarious star ― you're in luck: McKinnon's Jeff Sessions impression returned to TV on Tuesday night, thanks to the comedian's appearance on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers.

McKinnon's Sessions impression was a late addition to her stable of political roles, following her year-long turn as Hillary Clinton, as well as former campaign strategist and current White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. But it's no less memorable: the sight of the strangely smiling McKinnon letting her syrupy Sessions voice ultimately popped up on more than one episode of SNL, including in a bizarre parody of Forrest Gump.

And with the attorney general having testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee the very same day, it makes sense that she couldn't resist dusting it off. Starting by showing off the weird thing she does with her lips to mimic Sessions' smile ― Meyers described it as a "Grinch mouth" ― she gave a few takeaways from the hearing.

"You know, oath is such a strong word," McKinnon said, mimicking Sessions' southern drawl. "When I said oath, I thought I was saying oats in one of those lispy Barcelona accents." She went on to talk a little bit about Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

And now with Sergei Kislyak, I only met him two times, ok, three times, but the third, the third time was in a men's restroom, and we was just talking about what a trial it is to get soap out of those electric soap dispensers. And as for Jim Comey, he asked me to keep Trump out of his way and then said I didn't respond, but the truth is I didn't hear him. This guy is six foot eight, and I had heard a sound above my head, I thought it was a cicada.

If you're eager to see McKinnon return to her regular gig at SNL, along with all the other cast members who're similarly getting a little time off for the summer, you're sadly going to have to wait a while longer. Although no official date has been announced for the start of the show's 43rd season, recent season premieres have dropped between late September to early October. Assuming that holds up, you've still got a few months to wait. Here's hoping McKinnon does enough talk shows between now and then to keep us all satisfied.