Katie Holmes’ Words About The Election Are So Relatable To Anyone Who Is Still Feeling The Shock

It's been more than four month since the presidential election, but so many people are still reeling from the results — a certain former Dawson's Creek star included. While talking to former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager on the Today Show Radio on Tuesday morning, Holmes admitted she was disappointed that Hillary Clinton lost the election, which isn't too surprising since she's always been so outspoken about how much she supports her. And now, everything that Holmes has to say on the subject is definitely relatable for anyone who's felt the same way since her November loss.

And in her family, it's not just Holmes who was affected — it was her daughter, Suri Cruise, too, who is now 10 years old. According to Holmes herself, Suri also took the loss really hard, especially since they were so sure that Clinton had this one in the bag — a feeling that many of her supporters can identify with.

She told the show:

As someone who has admired Clinton for a long time, Holmes' words are hitting close to home. I voted for her in the election — not just in an effort to keep Donald Trump out of office, but also because I believe she was the best person for the job — and was both heartbroken and shocked when she wasn't elected. That feeling isn't just out of disappointment; it's upsetting because of what it means about the state of sexism in our country, too.

But as Holmes said, her loss is also a source of greater motivation and proof of how important it is to lift other women up and for mothers to raise their daughters to be strong people.

She added:

Holmes is totally right. It's more important ever to not only lift each other up, but to make sure we give voices to those who aren't often heard. Trump's win is evidence that we do still have a long way to go, but progress doesn't have to stop here. In reality, this is when we need to work together to push things forward the most.

Clinton may not be president now, but her loss can still have a positive outcome. Personally, I feel a greater responsibility to actually get involved, and I may not have felt that push otherwise — and I know plenty of people who feel the same way.

If you're still sad about the election, it's OK — you're in good company. But like Holmes says, this has given us an important opportunity to fight. Take that sadness and anger and turn it into energy. Don't let it go to waste!