Katy Perry's Comments On Orlando Bloom Is A Powerful, Feminist View Of Relationships

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Rumors about Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship continue to circulate regularly, saying they are either reportedly together or rumored to be splitting up. If one thing is clear from these stories, regardless of how true they are, it's that people are obsessed with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship, and have been since they sparked dating rumors in 2016. However, Perry has commented on her relationship with Bloom in a new interview with Vogue Australia and she proves how fiercely feminist she is when explaining why she doesn't talk about him often.

Although said with "trepidation," according to the reporter, Perry reaffirmed, “It’s okay to mention him" during the interview. (Him being Bloom.) It doesn't seem Perry has been hush about her relationship simply because she wants to keep it private. Perhaps it's because she doesn't want to give it so much significance that it outweighs other equally important aspects of her life like her faith, activism, and work ethic.

The most notable example of when her relationship trumped everything else was her visit to the Vatican in late April. People weren't quite as interested in the fact that Perry met Pope Francis as they were with Bloom attending alongside her for the experience. “I don’t want it to be a headline of the story, because it takes away from the purpose,” she told Vogue. “Also, it’s extremely misogynistic. Of course, I love my relationship, but that is one part of me, and I don’t want any part of what I do to be diminished.”

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And for the record, Perry's experiencing meeting the Pope was so incredibly significant for so many reasons — reasons that go far beyond being there with Bloom. In the interview with Vogue Australia, she explained how the meeting came about. “It started when we were on the Asia leg of the tour and I went to mass with my mom,” the singer explained to the publication. “She hadn’t sung those songs in 40 years and watching her made me cry. It’s so beautiful and humbling to re-centre in a place where it’s not about anything else but reconnecting with the divine.”

Perry was raised by two Pentecostal pastors and other mother, Mary, was raised Catholic. Perry first started her career as Christian singer Katy Hudson, and would tour with her acoustic guitar for other Christian bands. In 2001, she released her debut album, a gospel record, Katy Hudson. Religion's clearly been a big part of her life and that's something that was overlooked during her special encounter with the Pope. “I’m such a big fan of Pope Francis," she explained. "It’s a combination of compassion, humility, sternness and refusal.”

Her humble beginnings nearly 20 years ago, and her current, physically-demanding Witness Tour, are testaments to how hard of a worker she is. “I was laser-focused and off to the races from the time I was nine years old,” she told Vogue. Being a performer is who she is, and that shouldn't take the backseat to a romance, even if that romance is a great one.

“I love all aspects of the art [of concerts]. I like the dreaming, the fantasizing, the making up a new world," she said. She's clearly put tireless work into her current tour as well. “You see the empowered, you see the vulnerable, you see the super-silly and super-nerdy, too," Perry said.

As far as getting unwanted attention for her personal life, that's something Perry's had to work at accepting and dealing with. “There will always be noise,” she said, further explaining her time at a personal growth retreat in California. But Perry knows what she has to offer the world and she's embracing it wholeheartedly. Because when a hard-working woman is in a relationship, that relationship is by no means all of who she is.