Katy Perry Seriously Looks Like An '80s Barbie In Her New Instagram Picture

Paul Kane/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there's one thing that you can trust Katy Perry for, it's bringing a strong and quirky sense of style to the table, no matter what she's doing. Case in point: Katy Perry wore acid wash jeans and a Barbie fringe jacket to do laundry, bringing new meaning to the term "laundry outfit." While us normal plebeians usually wear basketball shorts and that one Hanes tee that's so worn out its nearly sheer to do our laundry loads, Perry decided to do the most and put on an unforgettable outfit. Because there is nothing that this woman does that is half-assed.

Currently on tour in Australia, Perry posted an editorial-like shot of herself doing laundry in an outfit that looks straight out of the Barbie '80s catalog. As a load tumbles in the washing machine and a laundry bag sits by her foot, the artist sits perched on the drier, wearing high waist acid wash jeans that throw you 30 years back into the past. Think "Nancy" from Stranger Things and the Reagan era when windbreakers and fanny packs reigned supreme. (Which is basically 2018, anyway, so we're right on track?)

She matched the denim with white pleather shin-grazing booties to give herself some height, and topped off the look with geometric cat eye sunglasses. But the real star of the show — and what brought the whole outfit together — was the pink leather jacket.

A motto jacket cropped short at the waist with sharp lapels, it's already a show stopper by forgoing the usual black and brown leather jacket variations and going for a bubblegum pink shade instead. But that wasn't enough for Perry. In addition to the cheerful hue, her jacket had a line of long white fringe running down the length of her arms, turning her into a human Barbie doll. If you were a kid in the '80s and walking down the toy aisle, chances were that you would see a doll dressed up exactly in this same outfit, bright pink colors and all.

Thankfully Perry also posted a video in addition to the photo of her wearing the jacket, revealing an extra detail that we wouldn't be able to see in the laundry snapshot. On the back of her jacket is an embroidered unicorn head, with white flowing hair and a silver horn.

The jacket had meaning to Perry, who in the video declared, "Today is one of those days where I actually feel like a unicorn. That's because I get to use my powers for good and get to meet someone called Grace." Grace is a young girl that was supposed to go to the Katy Perry concert in Adelaide this year, but was diagnosed with a brain tumor and couldn't attend. So since Grace couldn't come to the show because of her situation, Perry brought the show to her.

Not only does her motto jacket give off retro, throwback vibes, but it's also linked to a beautiful moment. But the real question is: will we all be wearing '80s inspired fringe leather jackets come fall? One can only hope that the answer is "yes."