Everything To Know About The Employee Jay Cutler Made Cry On 'Very Cavallari'

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During the March 17 episode of Very Cavallari, Kristin's husband Jay paid the Uncommon James office a visit to check up on her employees. And as soon as he entered, clean-shaven and suit-clad, one of the girls started crying out of intimidation. That girl was Very Cavallari's own Kelsey Michalak, who now works as a design associate for UJ, but once co-managed the shipping department with her co-worker Matt.

"I don't know why I'm crying," Kelsey said from across the office. "We're in a good place, there's no reason for me to be upset." Later, in a confessional, she admitted that she was nervous. "He had a notepad," she said. "Jay makes me feel like I'm gonna pee my pants." Based off of Kristin's reaction ("I knew it," she said.) after Jay told her about the incident, an emotional Kelsey seems to be common at Uncommon James. Feelings aside, though, Kristin took some restructuring advice from Jay after his visit.

No one was really sure what Kelsey was doing in her shipping position. Matt said she was "more involved with the technology and computer side" of things, and from what Jay could gather while he was there, "she just hits print" on shipping labels. With that information in hand, Kristin decided to move Kelsey to a position as a design associate, which is a better fit for her considering she went to school for interior architectural design.

According to Kristin, Kelsey was already doing one-off home designs at her request, and because her brand is expanding, Kristin assumed she would have an increasing amount of work for Kelsey to take on. She said Kelsey could also create trend forecasts and CAD drawings for UJ Home and children's line Little James.

According to her LinkedIn page, Kelsey graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in interior architecture from James Madison University in 2014. She started at Uncommon James as a retail associate in March 2018, so she's done a lot of moving around in a short amount of time. That's probably to be expected, though, considering how rapid Kristin's company is growing, increasing the demand for specific positions.

Before working at UJ, Kelsey was a shift lead at Sun Tan City in Brentwood, Tennessee (a suburb of Nashville), as well as a Project Delivery Specialist at AWC Construction Services.

When she's not designing projects for Kristin or hanging with the Very Cavallari crew, Kelsey runs her own Etsy design shop called FerrelMade, for which she creates custom designs like wedding invites, prints, and graphic tees. The shop's name reflects her middle name, which she shares with her great grandfather. "I was born on his birthday," her shops "About" section reads. "But, it all started with a woman dating back to 8 generations - Anne Ferrell; and she married into what would become my moms side of the family. My middle name has always stood out to me. I love it." The name is pronounced like the word "feral," which "has the synonyms: wild, fierce, and untamed," Kelsey wrote. "This is what I aim to reflect in my work."

She also seems to be really close with original UJ employee Colby Dee, who has already gotten wrapped up in some drama involving returning manager Kaylee Jeske this season. Hopefully Kelsey doesn't find herself in the middle, because that might be cause for even more tears.