Kelsey From Peter's 'Bachelor' Season Will Give You Major Hannah B. Vibes

Kelsey Weir may remind Peter of Hannah B. on The Bachelor.
John Fleenor/ABC

Dating someone on national television can be intimidating, but Peter Weber’s Bachelor contestant Kelsey Weir seems more than up to the challenge. That’s because this contestant has racked up plenty of experience when it comes to not only being on camera, but also competing in a high stakes competition. According to her ABC bio, Kelsey is part of the pageantry circuit and was crowned Miss Iowa back in 2017 before going on to compete at Miss USA. That indicates she knows how to handle high pressure situations and turn on the charm when the situation calls for it. In fact, given her background, it’s impossible not to notice that she shares a lot of similarities with Peter’s ex, Hannah Brown, which could either serve to her benefit or determinant.

Obviously, the pageant experience is the biggest connection Kelsey and Hannah B. share. Until fans get to know Kelsey a little better, it’s hard to say if the similarities end there. But based on an interview Kelsey gave with the Newton Daily News back in 2016 shortly after being crowned 2017 Miss Iowa USA, she definitely seems to embody some of the same characteristics that many fans came to love about Hannah B. That includes her competitive nature and determination to succeed in whatever challenge that comes her way.

Eric McCandless/ABC

“Part of me was calm just because I put so much time and effort into preparing for this pageant. I wanted it so bad,” Kelsey told the outlet at the time, regarding how she felt in the moments leading up to her performance. “But another part was a little worried because I thought I killed it in every other part of the competition, but I was just hoping to seal the deal with the final question, so that’s where I was a little nervous.”

Kelsey also goes on to describe herself as “fiesty and stubborn” in her ABC bio, which feels like two words Hannah B. would also use as well. Peter made it clear that he was in love with Hannah during his time on The Bachelorette. Perhaps if he were to meet someone who shares many of those same qualities that he came to love about his ex, the two of them could develop a real connection.

Kelsey could be that person for Peter. Or she’ll serve as a harsh reminder of his past heartache and he’ll decide to send her packing. Either way, this is one contestant that is sure to get on Peter’s radar fairly quickly and make a prominent impression on his journey to find love.