Kendall Jenner's Big Announcement Is Here & It’s A Surprising Move For The Supermodel

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During the 2019 Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday, Jan. 6, Kendall Jenner made her big announcement: she's the latest spokesperson for Proactiv. The model made the long-awaited announcement during a commercial during E!'s red carpet coverage and talked about it exclusively to People.

Kendall told People that her partnership with Proactiv was inspired by her experience at last year's Golden Globe Awards. She had received a lot of fan comments — both critical and positive — about the acne on her face, which fans noticed in red carpet photos. “A lot of people have seen me struggling with acne mostly through paparazzi photos or the Golden Globes,” Kendall told People. “I had exhausted all other options and [decided to] try Proactiv. It really worked for me. I feel great on the inside and out.”

She told the publication that she decided to try the skincare product line initially because she was able to use the regime during her busy schedule. “It’s just a very simple and easy routine," Kendall said. "I love the cleanser and retinoid acne treatment, and everyone should use a sunscreen. It really helps having it in your regimen every single day.”

The Proactiv Twitter account posted Kendall's announcement commercial with the caption, "Welcome to the family, dahling! @KendallJenner is the new face of Proactiv #weloveyoukendall#kendalldoesproactiv." Kendall retweeted the tweet and added a heart emoji.

Kendall's big announcement was hyped by both People and her mom, Kris Jenner, throughout the weekend. On Friday, Jan. 4, People published a video in which Kendall said she's nervous about making a revelation to her fans. "I've never ever told this story," she says in the video, which shows Kendall nervously touching her jeans. The video text then says, "The Story Begins, Jan 6, 2019."

On Saturday, Jan. 5, Kendall's mom Kris posted an additional video with some more information about the big announcement. In the video, Kendall says, "When I was 14, I couldn't reach as many people as I can now. Now that I'm 22 and I have this whole thing behind me, I can speak to so many people and just feel like I can help you. And it's OK. And I experience it. I'm very normal. And I understand you."

Kris wrote the following caption to accompany the video post, expressing how proud she was of her daughter:

I’m so proud of my darling @KendallJenner for being so brave and vulnerable. Seeing you share your most raw story in order to make a positive impact for so many people and help foster a positive dialogue is a testament to the incredible woman you’ve become. Make sure to watch Kendall’s Twitter on Sunday night to find out what I’m talking about and be prepared to be moved.#bethechange#shareyourstory#changetheconversation#proudmom#finallyasolution#authenticity#mydaughterinspiresme#getready

As it turns out, Kendall's vulnerable and raw story dealt with her acne. With her new gig as the spokesperson for Proactive, it seems her goal is to help her fans feel better about their skin as well.