Kenny & His Daughter Just Had The Sweetest 'Bachelorette' Moment

Paul Hebert/ABC

Although he most certainly didn't get a fair shake on The Bachelorette this season, Kenny has definitely left the show with plenty of fans. He was always so sweet to Rachel, and who can deny how endearing the love he has for his 10-year-old daughter, McKenzie, is? Even though we didn't get to see her on the show aside from Kenny's FaceTime calls with her, that all changed. On Monday night's Bachelorette: Men Tell All special, Kenny got to see his daughter, and it was just as adorable a moment as you'd expect.

Even though Kenny totally wasn't expecting it, during his time in the hot seat with Chris Harrison, Chris surprised him by bringing McKenzie out on stage. Yep, that's right: Kenny had no idea that McKenzie was there. She walked out with a rose to give him, and he was both shocked and thrilled to see her. He gave her the biggest dad hug ever, and even got choked up while talking to and about her. Cutest father/daughter duo in Bachelorette history, right?

And McKenzie wasn't the only surprise Chris had in store for them — he also gave them a trip to Disneyland in honor of Kenny's birthday. Jealous!

It's one thing to hear Kenny talk about how much he adores his daughter, but it's another to finally see them interact. From the way they talk to each other and joke around with each other, it's obvious that they're not just family, they're best friends — and Kenny hasn't been exaggerating one bit when it comes to his love for McKenzie.

Things may not have worked out with Rachel, but Kenny still has the most important person in his life: McKenzie. What are the chances we can bring this guy back as the next Bachelor so we can see more of them in action?