Khloe Kardashian's Baby Registry Includes A $1450 Baby Jacket, Which Is More Than Your Rent

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it came to Khloe Kardashian's baby shower, it wasn't exactly your run of the mill, "grab a marker and decorate a onesie on the foldout table" kind of party. For one, it was sponsored by Amazon Baby Registry, which not every new mom gets to partner with. On top of that, rather than sporting the usual helium balloons and paper honeycomb decorations, the Hotel Bel-Air ballroom that it took place in had massive ceiling-grazing elephants made out of plants and a pink rose wall photo backdrop. But most extravagant of all had to be the baby registry, especially considering Kardashian included a $1,450 baby leather jacket in it.

You can ask your guests for anything you want on your baby registry, and seeing how Kardashian loves fashion, it only made sense that she would be looking forward to dressing up her first daughter in cute outfits. But being reality TV royalty, she wasn't about to go to Target to find her onesies and dresses. Instead she will be going all designer, all the way. Which became apparent when TMZ reportedly got a hold of her registry wish list.

One of the places Khloe was allegedly registered at was Couture Kids, which is a high end kids boutique in West Hollywood. Reportedly carrying things like luxury baby gear, organic baby toys, and designer toddler outfits that include designers like Fendi and Stella McCartney, just to name a few, it was right up Kardashian's alley.

TMZ allegedly discovered that she registered for over $90,000 worth of items, and they're as amazingly extravagant as you would assume. A $365 Versace baby blanket made its way onto the list, as did a $600 Versace changing bag, and a $10,000 crib.

But the most impressive item was the $1,450 Givenchy Kids leather jacket, which would make baby Thompson the coolest kid in the sandbox.

Givenchy Kids Leather Jacket, $1,450, Couture Kids

The product description writes, "Add attitude to girls street-wear with this leather jacket by Givenchy." Your toddler could become a street-style star with this luxurious look, which features star-print lining and two front zip pockets that are perfect for mischevious kids to hid cookies in. The striped hem could also be detached, in case the baby wants a more sleek and tailored look, and since this look is inspired by the adult collection, Khloe could technically get the adult version and create a cute "mommy and me" scenario.

But here's the catch: This $1,450 jacket only comes in a kid's size (rather than an infant's one,) and, specifically that size is for 10-year-olds. So Khloe would have to wait close to a decade to outfit her little one in this. That's a long wait.

While we don't know everything else Khloe registered for, it's still fun to speculate. Below are some more pieces found in Couture Kids that she might have her eye on.

Versace Pom Pom Shoes

Young Versace Pom Pom Medusa Mary Janes, $235, Couture Kids

This guess is cheating because TMZ confirmed Khloe reportedly put these pom pom Mary Janes onto her registry, but they were too cute not to share. Clocking in at $235, they're way more expensive than any pair of shoes I have ever owned, and the baby will probably only be able to wear them for a handful of months. It's going to be amazing to have such a fashion obsessed mom.

Karl Lagerfeld Kitty Backpack

Karl Lagerfeld Silver Choupette Backpack, $137, Couture Kids

This one might be leaping ahead to her first day of school, but this cute silver kitty-cat bag from Karl Lagerfeld is about as cute as you could get.

Balmain Military Jacket

Balmain Military Jacket, $6,000, Couture Kids

The Kardashian Jenner clan are huge fans of this Parisian designer house, so it would only make sense that the newest baby would be dressed up in the hottest looks from Balmain's collections. This $6,000 military jacket might just hit the spot, with its Napoleon-meets-rock n' roll look.

The baby isn't even here yet, but she already has one of the best wardrobes in Hollywood.