Dream Kardashian & True Thompson Beat The Summer Heat In These New Pics

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One of the biggest benefits of being part of a family as big as the Kardashian-Jenner's is having so many cousins around to play with, and it seems like everyone's kids are already cashing in on their built-in best friends. On Sunday, Khloé Kardashian shared new photos of True and Dream on her Instagram Story as they played in the water together, and they couldn't possibly be more adorable.

In the photos, True and Dream are both all decked out in their swimsuits, hanging out in the sun. All the focus was on the little ones for their pool day, since their parents weren't in any of the photos, but judging by Rob Kardashian's tweets, it looks like he might have been there, getting in some quality time with his sister as the cousins hung out. And being that he and Khloé have always had such a close bond, it makes sense that their daughters would love playing together, too.

It's impossible to accurately describe how cute these two are together in words, so looking at the photos is a must. Seriously — the adorableness is too much.

In one photo Khloé shared, they posed together as Dream wore a floral suit, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed straw hat, and True wore a cherry pattern and a hat of her own:

khloekardashian/Instagram Story

Then, there was this photo of True, living her best life on the splash pad, as you do when you're a toddler on a hot summer day:

khloekardashian/Instagram Story

As well as another solo photo of playing in the water, wearing her sunglasses and generally looking much cooler than most adults ever will.

khloekardashian/Instagram Story

Rob also shared a photo of Dream at the pool, cheesing away at the camera in her hat and sunglasses as she sat at a table. If there was ever a photo of someone doing summer the right way, this is it.

"My little lady acts like she's 50 years old," Rob wrote, adding laughing and crying emojis.

It seems like Dream and True spent the entire day together, since Khloé's story started with photos of the cousins hanging out in their high chairs, eating breakfast together. They clearly had a very full day of fun.

khloekardashian/Instagram Story

It makes sense that these two spent the day together — after all, back in July, Blac Chyna did tell Us Weekly that True is Dream's favorite cousin. Of course, we don't doubt that they're close with the other 2018 Kardashian babies, like Chicago and Stormi, but it seems like these two have a special bond going on already. And in June, Khloé shared a picture of Dream hugging True on Instagram, which was also too adorable for words, just like their pool day.

It's been so sweet to see True and Dream's bond, and it'll be fun to watch it grow as they get older. Being that they're less than two years apart in age, there's so much BFF potential here, and hopefully, their parents will be sharing adorable photos like these for years to come.