Kim K Hilariously Calls Out Photoshopped Meme

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

On Sunday evening, social media queen Kim Kardashian called out a poorly photoshopped meme that poked fun at her beauty transformation over the years on Snapchat. Kardashian then snapped the original photo, while making also making a joke about her appearance. Thus showing that although she doesn't approve of deceptive photoshopping, she obviously doesn't take herself too seriously. It's one of the reasons Kardashian and her family are so beloved by fans, as they hardly ever miss and opportunity to laugh at themselves.

"Wait who has seen this? The pic on the left is photoshopped," Kardashian posted to Snapchat along with the meme. "Not my hair, eyebrows or glasses!" For those of you who might not be familiar, a meme featuring two "photos" of Kardashian has been making the rounds on Twitter and Insta. In one photo Kardashian is full on red carpet ready, with her hair and makeup professionally done for whatever event she was attending at the time. In the second picture Kardashian doesn't appear to be wearing much — if any — makeup, and as the reality star pointed out, the photo has obviously been doctored with the intention of making the star's supposed beauty transformation seem more dramatic.

I can't help but think it's pretty obvious that the photo on the left has been photoshopped, but then again, maybe not everyone follows the Kardashians as obsessively as I do.

Kardashian followed up her first Snap with the original picture, and joked that it's "not much better."

It's great to see Kardashian calling out bad photoshopping while also laughing at herself a bit. However, I'm just gonna say that I think she looks gorgeous in both the original picture, and that she'd still look fantastic even with glasses, messy hair, and grown out eyebrows. Kardashian is an undeniably beautiful woman, and honestly, who cares if pictures of her exist looking less than perfect? I know there are definitely pics of me (namely the ones from my high school prom) that I wish would disappear forever. So let's all agree that there's no need to photoshop people with the intention of making them look bad.