Kim Kardashian's New Family Vid Is Adorable

by Nicole Pomarico

I don't know about you, but I really miss Kim Kardashian. For almost three months, she's been radio silent on social media, and as ridiculous as it sounds, I never realized how much her selfies and photos of North West were part of my daily Instagram routine. And if you're feeling the same way, there's a little something that might make you feel better. On Tuesday, Kardashian shared an adorable family video on her website, and not only is it brand new footage of my favorite celebrity fam, but it's also visual proof that they' seem to be doing better than recent reports would have us believe.

There's no avoiding the fact that the end of 2016 was rough for Kardashian between her robbery in France and Kanye West's hospitalization. But it's a new year, and this video is definitely an optimistic one. It's way too short at two and a half minutes, but it still manages to include plenty of clips of North and Saint sharing sweet moments with their parents, particularly around the holidays. And if you were worried that Kardashian and West are headed for a split, this video does plenty to convince you that they're still in love.

Also, if you're an emotional person, this is officially your warning: You will probably cry. The video is just a clip, but the full video is available on Kardashian's site.

In the video, we see Kardashian and West dancing at the VMAs, West and Saint happily looking at Christmas lights, Kardashian and North sledding down a huge snow covered hill, and even what might be Saint's first steps. Since Kardashian is normally such an open book, it's been easy to imagine the worst about what she could have been going through over the past few months. But I'm so happy to see that it seems she's doing well, and that her family is too — and that it seems like the time she's taken off for public life has done her some good.

Besides, I'm definitely not going to turn down super cute, brand new footage of Kardashian and West's kids. OK, so the part where Saint puked was kind of gross, but how adorable was North running to help clean it up? How anyone can not love this family is beyond me.

I'm hoping that since it's a new year now, Kardashian will return to social media as soon as she feels comfortable doing so. And if not, Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be back eventually, right?