Kim Kardashian & North West Just Wore Matching Hairstyles & It's SO Cute

Handout/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beautycon Festival is the premiere beauty destination for both brands and beauty lovers alike, and this year Kim Kardashian was invited to speak at it thanks to her beauty-mogul-side-hustle. But she brought her daughter along as a date, and both Kim Kardashian and North West wore matching hairstyles, making for an adorable mother-daughter matching moment.

Kardashian spoke on a panel at the Los Angeles-version of the festival, where she was the keynote speaker. Accompanying her on the panel were other major players in the beauty world, including her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Nicole Tanno, and Nicki Minaj's, Cardi B's, and Kylie Jenner's wig artist, Tokyo Stylez, among many others.

To attend the event, Kardashian dressed up in a black, vintage Dolce & Gabbana two-piece set, complete with bicycle-shorts-and-wrap-skirt hybrid bottoms and a bandeau top tied into a bow in the middle. North mimicked her look, dressing up in a black dress. But their hairstyles are where it got adorable, where both mom and daughter rocked the same 'do.

Kardashian's long locks were swept up into a high ponytail, where the crown was slicked back tightly but the tail was wavy and beachy, creating wild volume and a flirty aesthetic. North mimicked her mom's hairstyle, her own locks being swept up into the same slicked back, full pony. It was a cute AF twinning moment.

Packing her mini-me into the car, Kardashian shared a series of Instagram Stories of her getting ready and heading off to the festival, which is where we first got a peek at the identical hairstyles. “Look who my date is to Beautycon,” Kardashian said to the camera while in the van. “We did our hair the same way. Right? Are you my date?” North, though, wasn't as jazzed about the matching moment as much as her mom was, and just blinked at the camera all bored-like and looked away. As kids hilariously do when their parents are bugging them.

The two showed off their matching looks when they got to Beautycon, where Kardashian visited her KKW Beauty booth and had North test drive some of her new perfumes. Crouching down to her daughter's level, she laughed as North put the perfume on her wrist and sniffed the new scents. At that level, you could really see how similar they looked, where their hair were nearly identical in style.

At the festival, Kardashian mainly spoke about KKW Beauty and being a female entrepreneur, sharing her insights on the business side of things. Seeing how many of her product drops sell out almost immediately — from perfume scents, to lip glosses, to contour kits — she was a great candidate to not only talk about beauty trends, but how to be successful in tapping into those trends and getting people excited about one's products.

Back in its humble beginnings in 2011, Beautycon was a modest YouTube-centric networking event for beauty vloggers, brands, and their fans, but it has since exploded into a multi-city event that has grown to attract hundreds of major beauty brands, iconic beauty influencers, and passionate makeup fans from across the States.

Their motto is, "You don't need lipstick, lipstick needs you. It's our mission to challenge traditional beauty standards and redefine what beauty means," and the convention is more than just talking about beauty trends. The panels also discuss hard and necessary topics that are relevant in the beauty world, like gender fluidity and race. "In L.A., we expect to have discussions around entrepreneurship, gender fluidity, mind and body, and a panel on redefining masculinity that I’m really excited about," Moj Mahdara, the CEO, told Hollywood Reporter.

This year Kardashian got to become apart of that, and her and North brought their styling A-game to the event.