Kim K Tells Kanye Happy B-Day Online For The Funniest Reason

by Mathew Jedeikin

If there's anyone who knows how to shut down the haters it's Kim Kardashian. On Thursday, June 8, Kanye West celebrated turning 40 years old, and Kardashian shared a happy birthday message to her husband on social media for the sole purpose of making sure people didn't spread rumors if she didn't. Such a classic Kim move, and a prime example of why so many of us follow her online.

Remember, West deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts about a month ago, but had been pretty inactive on social media since his hospitalization for exhaustion in November 2016. He's also been largely absent from the public eye for most of this year, and even skipped the Met Gala. Kardashian walked the Met red carpet herself, for the first time in years. It was at that event that she told Andre Leon Talley of Vogue that West had been "taking some time off" and that he was "really loving" the opportunity to take some time for himself.

Now, in a message posted to her website, Kardashian explained why she felt obligated to give West a HBD shoutout online. She shared,

"Happy birthday, babe! I know you're not on social media anymore, so you're not gonna see it anyway — and I'm going to be with you to tell you! But if I don't post it, then all the stories will start so…I love you so much! Happy birthday!"

What a way to get ahead of the rumors, because we all know how people on social media speculate when couples don't share birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day messages.

To make sure that absolutely everyone who follows her saw the note, Kardashian retweeted the above screen shot of it along with a couple of emojis.

Going one step further she also posted a photo of herself and West along with a genuinely sweet caption, which reads,

"Happy Birthday babe I love you so much! You inspire me every day to be a better person! I'm so grateful for you."

I mean, check out the adorable look Kim and Kanye are giving each other in the photo below.

Here's hoping Kanye has a great birthday with his friends and family. And now we can all rest assured because Kardashian posted not one, but two tweets and a retweet to make absolutely sure the haters don't ruin his special day with unsubstantiated rumors.

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