Kim Kardashian Wore A 21-Year-Old Gucci Thong On Instagram, But All I Can Think Of Is Manny's Iconic 'Degrassi' Episode

Kim Kardashian Instagram/Teen Nick

Another day, another vintage clothing item from the Kardashian-Jenner family. This time it's not the skin-tight dress that you expected, but something underneath it. According to People Style, Kim Kardashian wore a vintage, fully exposed Gucci thong in her latest Instagram photos. If this doesn't give you major Manny from Degrassi thong flashbacks, you have not lived your fullest television life.

Kardashian's latest social media post might be all about her KKW Beauty line, but her black Gucci thong was a whole lot more apparent in her photo. She wore a neon yellow skirt and matching crop top with her underwear pulled up so high that it will make you say "ouch." There is a whole lot to look at, as she is sitting in a fully-stocked closet, but the thong will definitely draw your eye there.

Apparently, even her thong is vintage. People Style reports that the black Gucci thong was only available 21 years ago and was designed by Tom Ford, the former creative director. The design apparently had models was down the runway wearing thong bikinis in the '90s. It also means that Kardashian would have been 17 years old when these came out.

Believe it or not, Kardashian is trying to her KKW Beauty Contour singles in the Instagram photo. It's not until you look at the caption — "Contour Singles Available NOW" — that you'll realize that she's holding one of them though.

It's no secret that Kardashian loves her vintage items. In the past week, the social media star has rocked tons of gorgeous outfits. She seems to be sticking to the neon trend too. But no one pairs the two together quite like Kardashian.

Does the image remind you of anything? The outfit give major flashbacks to Manny from Degrassi. You know, the one where she pulls her blue thong up super high so that everyone can see it as she walks down the halls. Here's a little refresher in case you don't remember:

Courtesy Giphy

The episode is iconic, and possibly where Kardashian got her outfit inspiration from. After all, she would have been the prime age to be watching Degrassi. Either way, her Instagram photo is a major fashion flashback in more way than one.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to nail the ~trend~, you will not be able to get your hands on Kardashian's vintage Gucci thong. The underwear came out 21-year-ago and was not made available again. You can buy a vintage look-a-like on eBay for $579 though.

Everything that Kardashian touches seems to make it into fast fashion, so it's only time until these thongs are everywhere. Who knows, maybe she'll even sell Kimoji covered, high-waisted thongs in the near future. You just never know what the star's next fashion venture will be. Or what major on-screen moment she'll recreate.