Kim Kardashian’s Blue Eye Shadow Is Such An Early '00s Look — PHOTOS

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Boy, does Kim Kardashian know how to spice things up or what? Before heading out to Paris Hilton’s birthday party, she posted to her Snapchat debuting a short blond haircut and a drastically different glam look. Spotlight-stealing, much? Umm, maybe just a little bit. But, I’m certainly not mad about it! Kim Kardashian wore blue eye shadow, and let’s just say if she can make this work— she can pull off anything.

This very ‘00s look has been making a comeback lately. ColourPop recently released a bright blue eye shadow called “Piece of Cake” and Kylie Cosmetics included a royal blue shade in her Royal Peach Palette, if that gives you any indication of how trendy this shade is becoming. I’m definitely not surprised that Kim K is up-to-date with the latest beauty, but it is slightly jarring to see her departure from a smokey eye (or no shadow at all) and the nude lip she’s more known for.

That is definitely not to say that she shouldn’t be more adventurous with her makeup more often, though. Because seriously, if she can make blue shadow look this good, then she really can wear anything she pleases. Will we see her rock a bold lip in the future? I hope so! But, for now, I’ll take what I can get. Kardashian’s adventurous moment has impressed me, yet again.


Once you get over the initial shock of Kim K's latest blonde 'do, you'll notice her bold glam.


This is definitely a departure from her norm, but I'm loving it.


Overall, this is a major moment for Kim K.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She may be the queen of contour, but the rest of her makeup usually remains pretty minimal.

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You might occasionally catch her sporting a bold lip.

But, bold eye product is very rare. Although, she has rocked a similar blue color before.

From the dye job to the shadow choice, I'd say she really nailed it with this look. Here's to hoping there will be more out-of-the-ordinary makeup to come!