Kim Kardashian's New Lipstick & Liner Sets Don't Match At All, But She Can Explain

Kim Kardashian West's KKW Beauty is dropping an all-matte and '90s-inspired collection of lipsticks, lip liners, eyeshadow palettes, and eyeliners. However, KKW Beauty's Mattes Collection lipstick and liner sets don't match. At all. But Kardashian West can explain and when she does, it makes complete and total sense. There's absolutely no need for Twitter to erupt in a huff over it.

Kardashian West revealed this key detail about the Mattes Collection's neutral lipsticks and liners in an Instagram post on her personal feed. In a campaign shot, she is rocking the '90s Runway liner and lipstick combo. The brown liner obviously contrasts to her lipstick, which is a softer, peachier shade. For the caption of the photo, the makeup mogul and reality star wrote, "All of the lip liners for this collection are a few shades darker than the matte lipstick."

So it was not a production or manufacturing issue. Since slightly contrasted, defined, and brown-toned lips were popular in the '90s, making the liners darker was completely intentional in order to capture the authenticity of the era's makeup looks. It's a small detail that makes all the difference.

Judging by the product photos on Instagram and on the KKW Beauty site, the six matte lippies look rich, creamy, and oh-so-supermodel.

Since Kardashian West grew up during the '90s, she was able to distill her personal experience and her know-how into a collection that takes inspo from the decade, her surroundings, and her formative fashion and beauty years. But The Mattes Collection is also incredibly modern and wearable.

Forget about shimmer, shine, glitz, and gloss. The Mattes Collection lippies are all about that creamy and velvety pigmentation and ultra precise shapes.

Courtesy of KKW Beauty
Courtesy of KKW Beauty
Courtesy of KKW Beauty

You can further appreciate the shade gradations in the swatches above. The lipsticks are at the top while the liners are underneath. You can clearly see that liners are a tone or two darker than their lipstick counterparts. They share the same names for ease of shopping.

Here's everything else you need to know. The Mattes Collection features the Matte Smoke and Matte Cocoa color stories. The assortment arrives via the KKW Beauty site, which is the brand's main sales platform, on Aug. 16 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT.

In addition to the six lippies and accompanying liners, there are two, 10-pan eyeshadow palettes and five eyeliners. The Matte Smoke eye palette is packed with gray and neutral tones, while Matte Cocoa features chocolate and bronze shades. The Smoke eyeliners are black, white, and gray, while the Cocoa liners are in the brown family.

If you loved the looks that Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista pumped on the runways and IRL in the '90s, you can totally channel their vibes with this collection. Both color stories are all about bold and smoky eye makeup balanced by a soft, neutral lip that makes a statement of its own just by being subtle, which is also a Kardashian West signature.

Mark your calendar for Aug. 16 and start planning your budget accordingly. The Mattes Collection will let you get all sorts of '90s supermodel with your lids and lips.