Kim Kardashian's Reaction To North West's Runway Debut Will Make Your Entire Day — PHOTO

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Who says learning to work a catwalk takes years of experience? Most people who've ever worked in fashion, probably — though Kim K's eldest daughter might just give them a run for their money. In fact, after watching Kim Kardashian's videos from North West's runway debut, it seems pretty clear that the 5-year-old's age is certainly no measure of her spunk, style, or aptitude for totally killing it on the runway.

Seriously, show of hands: Anyone else entirely floored by the concept of North strutting her stuff to the soundtrack of a Cardi B banger, donning an outfit inspired by the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Fans of the Kardashian-West clan need not look further than her mom's Instagram Story to watch the aforementioned scenario come to life. Which, thankfully, also means watching little North shine at the L.O.L. Surprise fashion show that took place Saturday, Sept. 22. Little North stepped out onto the runway for the first time ever alongside some equally fierce, and equally adorable, pals.

Suffice to say, if the runway-centric content on Kim's IG Story is any indication, North is basically a natural. Sporting a retro red-leather ensemble and an adorable pair of oversized shades, Kim's IG videos see her daughter looking every bit as fierce as her catwalk-inclined family members (here's looking at you, Kendall) while she happily commands the L.O.L. Surprise runway. "North as THRILLA," wrote Kim, captioning the first of several photos and videos from North's runway debut that cropped up on her IG Story throughout Saturday evening.

Kim Kardashian West/Instagram Story

Wondering why the runway looks sort of like a tarp rolled out across an exceedingly well-maintained backyard lawn? Or why North seems to be surrounded mostly by enthusiastic parents (her own mother included, obviously) and kids her own age? A little context: "Thrilla," while partly inspired by the Michael Jackson classic, as well as the musician himself, is also one of the characters from L.O.L. Surprise's line of toy figurines.

As several reports from the sweet, kid-friendly runway show have noted, each pint-sized model wore a costume that corresponded with their favorite L.O.L. Surprise character. As if fans needed another piece of evidence to corroborate the fact that North, much like her parents, has really great taste.

Instagram/Kim Kardashian West

But the secret to North's magnetic first-time jaunt down the runway? As is plainly revealed in Kim's IG videos, this talented kiddo is having the time of her life on the L.O.L. Surprise catwalk. And the vibe is infectious. Plus, as Kim told InStyle in a recent statement, "North is completely obsessed with L.O.L. Surprise already," so when she found out the company had a fashion show planned, "she absolutely had to be involved." Continuing, Kim told the magazine,

"[North] loves to dress up like her favorite characters, so it was so exciting for her to actually become a real-life L.O.L. doll."

So, whether North is holding her own on the L.O.L. Surprise runway or the Fashion Week runway (or any other runway, for that matter), cheers to this extraordinarily talented, ridiculously brave kid, who's apparently already conquered stage fright and knows her way around Michael Jackson's greatest hits album, too.