King Los Came To Help The 'Rhythm + Flow' Contestants With Their Cyphers

by Rebecca Patton
King Los On Rhythm + Flow on Netflix

Now in its second week, Netflix's rap competition series Rhythm & Flow features judges Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I. as they determine which contestants have what it takes to be the next hip hop superstar. Week 2 drops Wednesday, Oct. 16, where the show's contestants will participate in rap battles, among other challenges. For that reason, Netflix turned to a Baltimore-based musician for his freestyle expertise. Recently, Rhythm & Flow guest coach King Los participated in the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, so it only makes sense that he should help these aspiring rappers learn the art of freestyle. If viewers want to hear more of what the rap coach can do, they just have to look at King Los's Instagram which is full of videos of his performances.

According to the Baltimore Sun, King Los first signed with Bad Boy Records (Diddy's label) back in 2005, left in 2008, then returned again in 2012, only to leave again 2014. He has two albums on Spotify: Zero Gravity 2 and God, Money, War, but it's clear that freestyling is where his true talents lie. In June 2015, King Los performed a lengthy freestyle on the radio show Sway in the Morning, which has garnered an approximate 7.6 million views. "I'm pretty sure at least 50% of his brain is a thesaurus," one viewer commented, while another wrote, "This is kendricks evil twin who never made it in the mainstream."

Here's what audiences can glean from the rapper's Instagram, if King Los' Rhythm & Flow appearance piqued their interest.

King Los Dedicated A Freestyle to Nipsey Hussle

The rapper went to the west coast venue UnplugdLA, where he dedicated his rap performance to the late Nipsey Hussle, who died in March 2019. After his death, King Los wrote on Instagram, "Finally got the strength to post this but I still don't have the words. I'm lost."

He's A Proud Vegan

The rapper has been a vegan since 2015, according to another Instagram post. He's very vocal about his lifestyle on social media and often describes how much better he feels now that he's switched to a plant-based diet.

He Mentors Aspiring Rappers

King Los's project, #KillinFeatures, allows rappers to submit their work to him for a fee. "Lately I've been helping upcoming artists get closer to their dreams by doing features at prices that don't even make me profit bcuz nobody helped me," he wrote on Instagram, "so I'm giving back to those that don't have reasonable budgets."

He Recently Appeared on Wild 'N Out

King Los appeared on Season 14 of Nick Cannon's rap battle show, and said of that the experience helped him grow.

He's Got Friends In High Places

King Los has posts with Lil Wayne (above), Meek Mill, Diddy, and 2 Chainz, among others. And he's clearly a fan of the "6 Foot 7 Foot" singer. "LiL Wayne has the craziest wordplay ever in rap," King Los tweeted recently.

His Son Is Also A Great Rapper

"My son heard me vibing to the beat and said 'Deh dehh you want me to give you the words for this' ??" the rapper wrote on Instagram. "I couldn't resist , and then this happened !!!" King Los may want to watch his throne.

If King Los' Instagram proves anything, it's that he's an experienced freestyler. Fortunately, viewers will be able to watch him bring that expertise to Rhythm & Flow, where he'll pass on that knowledge to other aspiring rappers.