KitchenAid Is Launching 5 Stand Mixer Bowls For Spring & You'll Want Them All


There is something about things that come in a wide variety of colors that just makes them more appealing even if they're the most mundane product on Earth, and that's definitely the case with KitchenAid stand mixers. And now, KitchenAid is releasing new stand mixer bowls that are spring-themed. It should be enough to have a stand mixing bowl in one color and yet...

As reported by People, KitchenAid announced the new spring bowls in a press release at the beginning of the month. They aren't available just yet, but KitchenAid says they'll be released for spring/summer 2019. The bowls are 5-quart and prices range from $84.99 to $94.99. There are five altogether with inspiration coming from confetti to fish scales to florals. Lots of florals. For spring. Groundbreaking.

The names of the different patterns for the bowls are Confetti Sprinkle, Parasol, Scandi Floral, Whispering Floral, and White Mermaid Lace. In the press release, Nikki Lockett, the U.S. Marketing Leader for KitchenAid Small Appliances, explained, "We continue to introduce designs that we know consumers will love. Our new bowls offer function and versatility. With new textures and finishes, makers can continue to seek inspiration in the kitchen by introducing a fresh accessory to their stand mixer, adding their own personal mark."

As for whether these bowls are actually practical purchases if you already own one... well, if you're making something where it would be convenient to be able to mix two things for the same recipe in keep them in the same bowls, then sure. Or maybe you have a stainless steel KitchenAid bowl and need a ceramic one? KitchenAid explains that these Titanium-reinforced ceramic bowls are microwave, freezer, dishwasher, and oven-safe (up to 475°F/250°C). They also come with a five-year no-chip warranty and are 30 percent lighter than a previous model.

But, if you really care about what they look like, here's a look at the new bowls and their descriptions from KitchenAid:

Confetti Sprinkle


"This burst of confetti sparks inspiration for your next baking experience."



"Inspired by worldly travels, this 3-D faceted bowl combines the traditional Japanese parasol umbrella with Scandinavian floral designs."

Scandi Floral


"This playful pattern with a hand painted look is inspired by Scandinavian floral designs."

Whispering Floral


"A subtle gray floral graphic applied to our white chocolate bowl brings feelings of peace and serenity to your kitchen."

White Mermaid Lace

A photo for the White Mermaid Lace bowl hasn't been made available yet, so just read this description and imagine what "reactive glaze" looks like to you: "Inspired by a traditional Japanese fish scale pattern, this 3D-embossed design is finished with a reactive glaze that changes the color's intensity to accentuate the pattern."

If you want to get your flour-covered hands on one of these bowls, just be sure to check the KitchenAid site from now until... well, until they appear. For now, KitchenAid has plenty of other offerings in many, many different colors.