KL Polish's YouTube Channel Now Has Tutorials, So You Can See The Colors IRL Before You Shop

KL Polish's Spring Collection is here, which means your nail game options just got even stronger. If you're still on the fence about trying their gorgeous pastel shades, the brand has you covered. KL Polish now has tutorials on their YouTube channel, so you can see exactly what they look like IRL before you buy. Not to mention you also get really great nail inspo. Grab your wallet, because after seeing these tutorials you'll be ready to buy.

With KathleenLights, aka Kathleen Fuentes, being the YouTube guru that she is, it only makes sense that her brand would have their very own channel. Although the brand got off to a slow start, they finally have tutorials, and they're pretty darn great. Up until now, the channel was just a place to see the KL Polish commercials, so this is pretty major.

The videos aren't shot by Fuentes, but that doesn't mean that they're any less great. As of May 2, there are two different tutorials on the YouTube page and one on the KL Polish website. The nail art is stunning and perfect for every level of polish painters. My personal favorite is the cloud nail art that features Coconut Milk and Gumption KL Polishes.

Tutorials aren't the only thing that the YouTube channel has to offer, either. Like I said before, you can see the KL Polish commercials on the site as well. Fuentes even makes an appearance to do a question and answer video all about her polishes as well. She even gives some hints about upcoming collections. Basically, this channel has everything a nail polish lover could possibly need to get their fix.

KL Polish

If you're not a subscriber yet, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect way to stay up to date on your KL Polish news as well as see exactly what the shades look like before you buy. The tutorials feature the spring and original nail collection, and even feature some simple accessories that you might have never thought to use.

I will warn you though; you'll want to spend some serious cash when you see these gorgeous colors. As of May 2, all of the polish shades — spring and originals collections — are available on the KL Polish website. Something tells me that they won't be for long, after people see these gorgeous tutorials!