Twitter Is CONVINCED The Latest Kardashians' Calvin Klein Ad Was Heavily Photoshopped

Lately, fashion and magazine advertisements have been refreshingly real. Brands and labels are nixing Photoshop in favor of unedited and unretouched images. They're also hiring models of all shapes, sizes, orientations, and backgrounds. Inclusivity — and ultimately captivating images — are at an all-time high. However, Twitter is convinced the Kardashian x Calvin Klein undies ad is Photoshopped.

The internet has called attention to one of Kourtney Kardashian's arms, which looks much smaller than and disproportionate to the other.

The arm of the reality star and eldest daughter of matriarch Kris Jenner looks as though it has been contoured. It quickly catches the eye and is so patently obvious that you can't help but think that someone, anyone would've seen the asymmetry and the unevenness of her arms in post-production.

How could that much of a disconnect slip by... unnoticed? This is the sort of error that gets someone fired — in addition to delivering a blow to body positivity.

Twitter quickly noticed that something was off about Kourt's arm and wasn't shy about commenting.

Not so fast, though! The iconic American sportswear brand is calling bull-you-know-what and is blaming it on lighting. Yes, lighting. It claims the image morphs when the lower resolution images are posted on socials, too.

Calvin Klein is basically calling it an optical illusion.

The image in question is above. Take a look at Kardashian's right arm. Whoa, right?!

Business Insider received a statement from Calvin Klein, which read as follows:

As you'll see from the high-res version of the image, there are no issues with Kourtney's arm. However, the light is hitting it which makes it slightly less defined. Unfortunately, when the image is posted to social media in a lower-resolution format, the shape of her arm loses its definition, creating the effect which social media users have commented on.

While it might seem that the brand is trying to explain away a massive mistake, the combo of lighting and low rez-ness could veritably be the cause. The design house also shared a close up of the image in which Kourt's arm does indeed appear normal and to be a victim of some shadows and light.

Still, Twitter came for Calvin Klein over the image.

This user was convinced that a Photoshop fail was at work here.

Twitter ha all of the questions. To answer one of them, the ad had to be shot after Stormi was born in February and before True was born in April.

Kourtney's arm was the center of a hot debate.

That's basically it. Her arms don't match.

This user defended Kardashian, since the alleged egregious photo editing reflected on her.

So, yeah, the Twitterverse had its say about Kardashian's arm. So did Calvin Klein with its not-exactly-unbelievable explanation of the situation. Kardashian herself has not made any public comment about the supposed photo editing controversy as of press time. Nor does she need to. She can leave it to the Twitter to pour over the imagery and duke it out over whether or not it was an editing fail or the lighting x resolution combo. Both are entirely plausible.

Here's another black and white image from the KarJenner family campaign. It has a cool, vintage vibe and Kourtney's arms look normal in this shot!

There you have it — until the next Kardashian kerfluffle.