Watch Kris Jenner’s Reaction To Being Cast In Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Video

YouTube / ArianaGrandeVEVO

Kris Jenner isn't just a regular momager, she's a cool momager — literally. Fans of both the Kardashians and Ariana Grande will remember Jenner's role in the singer's "Thank U, Next" video, recreating Amy Poehler's iconic role of Regina George's "cool mom" from Mean Girls. It was the perfect fit for the famous momager, and now, we're finding out how she brought the "cool mom" back to life. Kris Jenner told Kendall Jenner about Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" video in a new clip from an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and the momager made the interaction sort of hilarious.

Kris told the news to Kendall as she was visiting her daughter at her Formawell photoshoot. “Did I tell you?” Kris asked her. “Ariana Grande invited me to be in her music video.” Kendall reacted positively, but in a hilarious twist, Kris didn’t even remember the name of the song, leaving her daughter to remind her that it’s called “Thank U, Next”.

“I got a call from Ariana Grande’s team and they asked me if I would be interested in being apart of her new video, and of course I said yes,” Kris said during her on-air confessional. As it turns out, Kris has been a longtime fan of the artist, supporting her since she first met her several years ago. “I am one of Ariana Grande’s superfans,” she revealed. “I met her years ago. I am so proud of her and her journey. She’s such a successful artist and so talented, and gosh, she’s terrific.”

Naturally, Kendall got a little jealous of her mother, and justifiably so. “I want to be in an Ariana Grande music video,” she told her mother. And Kris had the best response to her being asked. “How funny is that? You know, I’m just a video hoe.”

Kendall wasn’t the only one who was happy about her mom’s hilarious role. One of Kris’ other famous daughters, Kim Kardashian West, got to see her mom in action on set via FaceTime and had all the feels while watching. "She was definitely meant for that role," Kardashian West told Refinery29 when the video came out in December 2018. "I was actually on FaceTime with Scooter Braun [Grande's manage] when they were shooting that scene. So I was watching it in real time, and I was literally crying. I was like, crying watching her.”

She even had to help her mom get over some nerves. ”I talked to her right after and just told her that was the most amazing thing ever," Kardashian added. "She said she was actually so nervous because she had no idea what she was really getting herself into, and like dancing and stuff.”

Even the video’s director Hannah Lux Davis was super impressed with Jenner’s performance. “She was fantastic,” Davis said to Entertainment Weekly. “I never know when a bigger celebrity comes on, how much they’re going to be down to participate in the fun and not take themselves too seriously, but on the first take she was dancing and in it. She was fearless and it was cool to see her in action. She’s a smart lady and it was really fun to be around her and her energy.”

Considering her success in "Thank U, Next", Jenner should be considered for all future "cool mom" roles. Perhaps she could even take over for Amy Poehler if a Mean Girls sequel happened and the actor opted not to be apart of it? Maybe that's unrealistic, but Jenner would have the chops and experience for it.