Kristen Stewart Is Rocking Frosted Tips

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If you thought that Justin Timberlake's frosted tips from his NSYNC days would never make a comeback, you would be wrong. Kristen Stewart has frosted tips now, and she's giving '90s kids some major nostalgia. But while your knee-jerk reaction might be to grimace and whisper "oh, no," she actually pulls off the look fabulously. It appears that if you're not wearing baggy cargo pants and bedazzled denim that was so prevalent with boy bands back in the day, the hairstyle actually has a fighting chance.

"We're actually kinda, sorta into the actress' new look. The grown-out buzzcut accented with bold, blonde tips, which she debuted during a recent outing in Los Angeles earlier this week, is surprisingly chic," Allure reported. The great thing about this look is that it brings interest to literally any sartorial aesthetic. Dress it down with a t-shirt and jeans and it automatically looks grungy, but dress it up with a gown or sharp suit, and it gives it a stylish and intriguing contrast. Bleached hair has the power to turn any hairstyle edgy, since its brash looks are linked with grunge princesses from the '90s (a la Courtney Love.) But mix that ice-white look with a crew cut, and you're on to something completely different.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

According to Teen Vogue, however, Stewart's bleached tips were actually a sartorial happy accident rather than a look created with an appointment. She's simply growing out her hair, and the dark roots make her previously bleached buzz look like she's sporting tips.

"In March, she debuted her super-short shaved, white-blonde hair at the premiere of her movie Personal Shopper and later revealed that she made the drastic change for her upcoming movie Underwater. Although she maintained the buzz cut for the following two months, most recently, the former Twilight star has started to let her hair grow out, resulting in the dark-roots, bleached-tips look," Teen Vogue explained. This just shows that roots can be very stylish, so no worries if you can't make it to your usual appointment.

And Stewart isn't the only star rocking black roots — this could be the newest summer trend to embrace, so let these celeb looks get you thinking. And if you don't want to commit to the chop of a buzz cut, these are great alternatives:

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Miley Cyrus has a drastic ombre consisting of bleached blonde hair and chocolate brown roots.

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Paris Jackson turned her roots into a part of her look, letting the dark line accent her white blonde bob.

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Katy Perry shows black roots look great with pastel hair, too. Skip the salon this summer and let it all grow out. Roots are back in!