Kristen Stewart Just Debuted A Pompadour & It's Already Iconic

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It's officially a 2019 trend to either dye your hair one of the primary colors or you make the courageous decision to hack it all off. However, in some rare cases, there are celebrities with the gaul to do both. Kristen Stewart now has a slicked back ombre haircut, and if it doesn't put you in a mood, you have not lived, girl.

The actress took the the streets of Paris, ready to pop a squat into the seats of Chanel’s Couture Spring 2019 runway show, where she debuted a new, gag-worthy hairstyle. Whether you've followed the career of the Twilight star or not, it seems as though she's coming out with a new look at every turn. The power of hair coloring is real. Stewart's hair was slicked back into and Elvis-like pomp and served an ombre blonde and dark brown dye job. The look is such a vibe, you just might swoon at the sight of her.

To honor the brand's runway show, Stewart also came through drippin' in the designer's clothes. Along with her sleek new 'do, Stewart also sported a striking brown and gold Chanel tweed blazer jacket, and it totally sets the tone for the hair.

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To make this ensemble even more of a stunner (as if that were even possible), the actress' makeup was just as on point as the rest of the look. Stewart must have been in a bold mood because she rocked a fierce blue hue eyeshadow and cat eye with a bright and bold red lip.

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Stewart continued to slay and serve 'Daddy' vibes with some see-through red sunnies, as well as a pair of shiny burnt orange ombre pants to compliment her hair pattern. She wouldn't be Kristen Stewart if she didn't top off the look with a set of low top Doc Martins. In all honesty, Stewart is part of the runway show at this point.

It's hard to keep up with style changes, but this one will definitely go down in the books.

Over the years, Stewart has slowly been chopping away at her head of brown hair, and it looks as though she does so without a care in the world. Last year, Stewart had been switching up her short hair routine in a series of super editorial cuts.

She'd first cut off all her hair and dyed it platinum blond.

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From there, she let her locks grow out while maintaining her frosty ends, and debuted a set of curly finger waves.

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Slicked back hair seems to be a favorite for Stewart because the inclusion of hair gel and other sticky products continued in her hairstyles all throughout 2018.

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These long front bangs changed the game for what one would have thought bangs were capable of, but Stewart puts her bad girl touch on literally everything when it comes to fashion.

There's no denying Stewart is queen of stunning (but drastic) hair changes, and with her hair history, something tells me this is only the beginning of her evolution.