Kristen Stewart Just Got An Ombre Mullet & It's Edgy AF

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Fact: Kristen Stewart is not afraid to experiment with her hair. When it comes to a hair change, the majority of people sweat bullets over how it will all turn out. Will your hairdresser cut off too much? Will the color come out right? But Stewart just goes for it. Case in point: Stewart has an ombre mullet now. She's bold, she's adventurous, and she doesn't care what you think about her hair. So metal.

The new mullet could be the star's version of the dreaded grow-out stage for her buzz cut. As anyone who has had a pixie cut or shorter 'do knows, there's always an awkward couple of months where your hair is too long to make sense, but too short to do anything with. And rather than rocking a bowl-like haircut, it seems like Stewart decided to go edgy and fashion it into an '80s-era mullet. Rocking short tips dyed a brassy blonde in the front, and longer, slicked-back locks in the back with matching ends, it's a bold way to transition her haircut.

She is also experimenting with dual-tone hair again. When she had her close-cropped coif, she bleached her hair platinum blonde. Once it started growing out, she got NSYNC-era frosted tips, which created an edgy, throwback look. She's still rocking a grunge hairstyle, just this time in a different reiteration.

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So good. But this new style is just one in a long list of bold choices.

Check out Stewart's hair history below, and let it inspire you to get a little more reckless with your next salon appointment — even if that just means getting bangs.

2014: The Big Cut

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With the Twilight saga officially wrapped for two years, it was time for Stewart to distance herself from the long-haired, brown-locked Bella. So she took a pair of scissors to her hair and sheered her strands into a tight, ear-grazing bob. See, baby steps: She didn't immediately jump with both feet into mullet territory. Rather, she waded in with a more traditional cut.

2015: Faux-Mullets

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As her bob started to slowly grow out into a lob, Stewart was prone to having her hair brushed back into a slick faux-mullet, transforming her into a hybrid of high-fashion and punk. It wasn't quite as non-conformist as her bleached cut today, but you can see this style was years in the making. She always had a penchant for a more rocker look.

2015: Wavy Lob

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Switching her look up, Stewart liked to experiment with the short haircut, proving you don't need waist-long strands to create dramatically different looks. Here she fashioned her cut into a wavy lob.

2016: Going Blonde!

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This was without a doubt one of the most drastic celeb hair transformations in 2016. One minute Stewart was dark brown, and the next she had a bleached bob. The world bowed their heads in approval and golf-clapped.

2016: The Rise Of The Two-Tone

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As her bleach job started to grow out, Stewart didn't rush to the hairstylist to straighten out her roots. Instead she embraced them, making the drastic brown-and-blonde contrast a part of her signature look. She started to look more grunge with the darkly rimmed eyes and the usually-gel, slicked-back hair, hinting at a new aesthetic.

2017: The Peroxide Buzz Cut

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In 2017, Stewart traded in the scissors for a buzzer, and gifted the world with an adventurous look. Cropped close to her head and bleached to a silver-blonde, her hair was a killer statement that made us all eye the buzzer in our house and wonder if we could pull it off, too.

2017: *NSYNC Tips

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With how fast buzz cuts grow, no one has the time to run to the stylist every three weeks to touch up their 'do. Stewart decided to say to hell with it, and instead embraced the contrasting hair colors. The result was a '90s throwback with frosted tips that would bring a tear to Justin Timberlake's eye.

2017: The Ombre Mullet

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Slicked back, curling at the nape of her neck, with brassy, bleached tips, Stewart is keeping steady with her penchant for rock-inspired cuts. And we're all fascinated to see what she comes up with next. Keep up that individuality, girl.