Kristin Cavallari Is The Latest Celeb To Get A Lob

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If you were a fan of Laguna Beach, well former series star Kristin Cavallari will give you serious mid-'00s vibes with her new hairstyle. The lifestyle guru just hacked off her hair into the cut of the summer — a full, textured lob. Kristin Cavallari's new short hair has all of the Laguna Beach feels.

Cavallari, who is promoting Young Living x Savvy Minerals makeup, which she discussed in an exclusive interview with Bustle, is a mom of three. She owns and operates her own Uncommon James jewelry brand in super active, hands-on fashion. She is a style commentator. Translation: She leads a busy life but has to remain fashionable.

The fact that she chopped off several inches of her signature blonde locks an hour before doing a promo photo shoot for her jewelry line is utterly amazing.

It shows that Cavallari just went for it and decided to do something new and fun with her strands in a spontaneous way. Of course she looks gorgeous. The long bob aka lob is the short 'do of the summer — hi, Bella Hadid's hair— and if anyone can make it work, Cavallari can. She shed length but didn't lose an ounce of sexiness.

So yeah, it'll remind you of when she was all over MTV as part of the network's Cali reality shows a decade-plus ago.

Check out all that texture and volume. She still has plenty of hair. It's just got more definition due to the waves and the shorter length.

Yes, this coif is shorter than we're used to from KC in recent months. But it's still got so much energy.

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You can see how much length the lifestyle queen lost by looking at this photo from last month.

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Cavallari rocked a shoulder-skimming 'do in 2006 during the Laguna Beach days. It was stick straight, since that was the trend at the time.

While Cavallari's 2017 lob is fuller, with more body, texture, and waves, the fact that she has gone shorter is totally giving me maj '00s feels. Yes, things have changed quite a bit for her with her life and career. But she's still a total stunner.