Kristin Davis' Vision For A 'Sex & The City' Reboot Totally Reimagines The Show

by Jessica Wang
Kristin Davis' 'Sex & The City' fantasy reimagines it as a Broadway musical

Carrie Bradshaw, columnist and… singer? Kristin Davis’ Sex and the City fantasy reimagines it as a Broadway musical. The Sex and the City alum appeared in a new episode of PEOPLE Now on Nov. 11 and dished on her fantasy spin-off idea for the beloved HBO series amid the era of revivals. Davis, who played Charlotte York for six seasons in the series and its two films, cited Mean Girls’ recent Broadway stint and said a live theater experience would be a new way to connect with fans. While she revealed that she can’t sing very well, Davis offered an alternative for Charlotte nonetheless.

“Everyone else can sing. I can’t sing that well,” Davis said. “When we had to sing that ‘I Am A Woman’ song, Sarah [Jessica Parker] came in and held my hand in a sound booth because I was so scared... So, everyone else can sing. I could possibly just do like that comic type of talking singing. People do that. I could do that."

When pressed on which former castmate is the best singer, Davis said Parker and cited her Broadway past in Annie, How to Succeed in Business Without Trying, and an upcoming role in Plaza Suite alongside husband Matthew Broderick. In her interview, Davis also reiterated that her ideas were all just a personal fantasy. “It’s not real, unfortunately,” she said.


Sex and the City followed the lives of sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) and her friends Charlotte (Davis), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) as they navigated life and love in New York City. The comedy drama series ran for six seasons between 1998 and 2004 and resulted in two films. While a reboot doesn't appear to be on the horizon, Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has a new TV series in the works for her follow-up novel Is There Still Sex in the City?, per TheWrap, but no actors are attached to the project yet.

Davis isn’t the only SATC alum with a revival on her mind. In September, Parker revealed she would be “curious” to revisit the series in today's landscape. “I’d like to see where all of them are,” Parker told Entertainment Tonight. “The world has changed so much [with] technology and social media… and the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up has really steered conversations about sexual politics. I think Carrie Bradshaw would just be so greedy to share her feelings and thoughts.”