Why Krystal Is Perfect For 'The Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

When you’re on The Bachelor, you really have to lay it all out on national television. Being genuine wins you points with not only the Bachelor himself, but with the audience, because who wants to watch someone who’s fake and full of him-or-herself? That’s why Krystal is definitely one of the ones to watch on the new season of The Bachelor. After Krystal talked about her brother on The Bachelor, it showed not only her kindness but also her openness — a major key to falling in love on the show.

Most of the “meet the contestant” profiles on The Bachelor are cheesy or overwrought, but Krystal’s introduction stood out from the rest. Krystal is a fitness trainer from San Diego, California, a Libra, and Arie says she has a “soothing voice.” Those are nice details, but Krystal’s real passion comes in helping other people, and one of her hobbies is making bags of treats and sandwiches and the like and handing them out to the many homeless people that live in San Diego. This is a cause that’s near and dear to her heart because, as she told the cameras, her little brother has been living on the street for two years. Though her family has offered him help, she claimed that he's not ready to take it. So, Krystal says she treats the homeless people she sees like she would want others to treat her brother — with dignity and respect.

According to DoSomething.Org, 34 percent of the homeless population is under 24 years old, and it’s wonderful that Krystal is doing her part to help them, however small it might be, while also raising awareness for the issue on national television.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Krystal has to be among the most selfless contestants on The Bachelor in a long while — her whole life is about giving, whether it’s helping clients hit their nutrition goals or passing out meals to those in need of a little help. But now, Krystal says, it’s time for her to focus inward and give herself the love that she deserves.

Before she was giving back to her local communities, Krystal was an on-air personality on KISS FM in Boise, Idaho (hence that soothing voice), and a co-host for Treasure Valley Urban Media, in Boise, too. According to her LinkedIn page, she has a certificate in Journalism from UCLA, and is it just me, or would Krystal be perfect as the next Oprah or something? Giving back, spreading awareness, making people cry in the afternoons after they get home from school and work? Someone give this woman a show!

Paul Hebert/ABC

What also stands out in Krystal’s "all-about-me" was that she said she was “finally” ready to give back to herself, which is so important. It’s the old oxygen mask rule — on a plane, if the oxygen mask deploys, you’re supposed to put your own on before helping anyone else. If you don’t help yourself, you really can’t help others. This is something important that Krystal has realized. If she’s a better, more fully formed, and happier person, she’ll be able to stretch further and affect more people’s lives than if she ran and ran and burnt out because she was unhappy.

Unfortunately, Arie didn’t get to hear too much about Krystal’s family or her passion for helping others on The Bachelor because Chelsea had to swoop in and interrupt Krystal’s time with Arie (ah, the immortal “can I have a sec?”). But it doesn’t seem like Krystal has to worry — her giving heart and beautiful smile make her a shoo-in to go the distance on The Bachelor.