Kylie Jenner Teased A Makeup Collab With Kendall In A YouTube Vlog & There Are More Details Than Ever

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Not every celebrity has a sibling that’s in the same line of work, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan have the fortunate ability to do collaborations with one another as if playing hot potato. Kylie just teased a glimpse at the Kylie Cosmetics and Kendall collaboration in a YouTube vlog, and it already sounds like another banging sister to sister collection is underway.

On June 3, Kylie uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life.” The 19-minute video gives viewers a peek at the business mogul’s day-to-day between balancing motherhood and being a boss, while also slipping in a cameo of her cosmetics collaboration with Kendall.

In the video, Kendall and Kylie are about to walk into Kylie Cosmetics headquarters.

“We are—I really don’t know exactly what we’re doing today,” Kendall says in the video, to which Kylie responds in the background, “We have a collab coming.”

The vlog brings Kylie’s camera crew into the Kendall collab meeting with Kendall, Kylie, and her Kylie Cosmetics team to go over ideas that are to come, and they’re seriously something to get excited about.

The makeup mogul mentions using cream in one of the products as well as versions of “a gold Kendall” and “a black Kendall.”

Whatever Kylie is whipping up in her Cosmetics lab for her sister’s collaboration, it sounds fire already.

Throughout the video, the cameras pan to some of the products in the collaboration, showing a palette of eyeshadows and Kylie even applies a lipstick that could possibly be a part of this Kendall collection.

Kyle also spilled a few deets about an anniversary collection in the makeup mogul's Kylie Cosmetics meeting in which Kylie teases a picture of the collection that's all gold.

"I think we should do this for our anniversary on November 30," Kylie says in the video. Prepare for shimmers and glitter, makeup geeks.

Besides the mention of the upcoming drops of the Kendall collab and the Kylie Cosmetics anniversary collection, the makeup mogul continues the vlog with a segment in her Kylie Skin meeting.

"The first SPF product for Kylie Skin," Kylie says with Stormi in her lap.

The new addition to the skin care family doesn't have the same bright millennial pink packaging that the newly launched collection, not did Kylie reveal a precise date for when the SPF will launch. However, the skin care owner spilled details surrounding a Kylie Skin truck for the brand.

"I for sure want to do Kylie Skin Summer Truck, and serve soft serve ice cream, ice coffee, pink lemonade," Kylie explains in the video.

The video reveals even more exciting launches for Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics including mini versions of Kylie Skin, including a mini toner and a mini face wash. Kylie also takes fans behind the scenes of a photoshoot within her headquarters to shoot new lip kits that are also in the works.

Throughout 20 minutes, it's clear that Kylie works hard for her businesses, and with her being as hands-on as she is, exciting things can happen with the Kylie Jenner touch.