This OG Kylie Product Is Coming Back & Twitter Is Stoked

There doesn't seem to be a dull moment in the Kylie Cosmetics offices. From a new collection inspired by Kylie Jenner's baby girl, Stormie, to the lip kit creators specially curating monthly bundles, there's a lot happening. Now, there's even more because the original Kylie Wet Set is back, and the brand's fans are stoked about its return.

What's the Wet Set? It's a four pan collection of pressed powders with a cream consistency that give a blinding glow in one stroke according to the brand's site. Fans first saw the Wet Set during the 2017 Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition collection. The summer themed products featured the Vacation palette, new lippies, and the Wet Set highlighting palette. What made it so special, though? According to YouTube reviews, it was the amazing level of pigment and incredible glow it gave the skin.

During her review of the Vacation Collection, beauty guru Laura Lee said she could "bath in this [the Wet Set]." As for MannyMUA, he explained in his June Favorites video that he was "shaken to the core by this bad bitch." Even Jenner herself admitted in a tease before the release that the Wet Set was her favorite thing she'd ever created. Now, she's bringing it back.

According to Jenner's post about the palette' return, it was done because of "popular demand." Based on Twitter reactions to its new status as a returning products, she's definitely right on the money with that statement.

People are ready to throw their money at Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics to get their hands on the Wet Set.

People are truly on the edge of their seats to get their hands on the highlighter palette just in case it sells out.

Others are praising Jenner for listening to her customers. The Wet Set was clearly a Vacation Collection favorite, and now, she's bringing it back due to fan demand. Talk about a winning move, right?

When Jenner took to her Snapchat to swatch the Wet Set, fans were shook over the pigment.

Clearly, people are happy that the Wet Set has returned. When and how do you get your hands on it? Good news, Kylie fans! The Wet Set is restocked right now on the Kylie Cosmetics website, and as of press time, it's still available. Do, however, keep in mind that it's not exactly an affordable find. The four pan set will cost you a whopping $62. But given the size of the pans and after breaking down the price, they retail for $15.50 per highlight which truly isn't terrible given that a BECCA highlight will run you $38 at Sephora.

The Wet Set isn't the only item from the Vacation Collection that Jenner brought back. According to the brand's (and Jenner's) social media account, her Super Glitter Glosses are back as well. Glitz and Glamour were restocked right alongside the Wet Set, and like the highlighting palette, they're currently up for grabs over on the Kylie Cosmetics website. Unlike the Wet Set palette, though, the glosses won't break the bank at $15 per shade.

Essentially, what Kylie seems to have done is restock her most popular, no longer available items, a move that's sure to make fans happy. From the Wet Set to the Glitter Glosses, this restock appears to be all about the shiniest products from Kylie Cosmetics. So, if you're into glitter, metallic shine, and an all around glow, these new additions to the restocks are sure to make your day. However, you might want to hurry on over to the brand's website because given that these products were brought back due to popular demand, they may be gone again very soon.