Kylie Jenner Gave A Rare Glimpse Of Her Real Hair On Snapchat & Fans Are Loving Every Second Of It — PHOTOS

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Kylie Jenner is definitely known for switching her style up on a regular basis. It's pretty difficult to get too used to one look because before you know it — she’s on to the next. But, that also makes it tricky to know when she’s sporting her natural strands, wearing extensions or rocking a wig. Well, Kylie Jenner gave a rare glimpse of her real hair on Snapchat, so if you’ve been dying to see her actual mane, here’s your chance.

She posted a series of videos that give a glimpse of her rarely seen short strands. She’s got her most of it pulled back into a bun, but those adorable baby hairs are loose and hanging by her face. She says in one video, “My hair is just crazy,” but I’d have to disagree with her! I’m loving the chance to see what appears to be Jenner’s natural tresses in action.

Enjoy this opportunity while it lasts because come tomorrow she could be wearing extensions or sporting a neon-colored wig. You never really know what to expect when it comes to Jenner’s ‘dos, but that’s part of why fans love her. She always keeps us on our toes!


Check out Jenner, au naturel.


You'd never know that Jenner practically has bangs!


Looking good, girl! I'd be down to see her show off her natural hair more often.

Fans seem to agree. Because seriously, this look is so cute.

She always manages to look amazing, however. So, whether she's altered her mane or no, her hairstyles are always on-point.

Confusing as it may be, wearing extensions and wigs make it easier for Jenner to protect her actual hair, so I totally get it.

Because of her hair abilities, she's able to gift us with looks like this.

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And then immediately try something different.

Enjoy seeing Jenner's real hair while it lasts. But, know this — she's gearing up for her next majorly stylish moment, and it's going to be incredible. Whether that's rocking her natural locks more on a more regular basis or trying out a new, fun color, she's always got something up her sleeve. Whatever it is, I have a feeling I'm going to love it, like always.