Kylie Cosmetics Is Majorly Changing One Of Her Core Products — But Don't Panic

Change is inevitable — even for beauty brands that have built their reputations on the strengths of their formulas. It's those compositions that earn the loyalty of shoppers and fans. Therefore, tinkering with said formulas must be a careful and necessary endeavor. Kylie Cosmetics is changing its Kylighter formula. The highlighters are one of brand's core and most loved products. But don't freak out. It's not cause for alarm — it's all for the best.

It's not clear if new formula will replace the old one or if this is just an additional texture being offered.

Kylie Jenner revealed on the brand's Instagram story that she is experimenting with a new formula. While the current incarnation of Kylighters might not seem broken and therefore not in need of a fix, Jenner has identified the need to expand beyond the original variety.

Maybe this is a sister version? Jenner admitted in her story that she loves the original. So it's not like she is unhappy. Perhaps it's time to go in a different direction by giving customers more choices.

The makeup maven demonstrated a clearly visible difference in the texture and hue via the swatches of a golden shade that she posted to the story.

She said, in a frank statement to her customers, that it's "my new highlighter formula… I love my original but this is my vibe. I know how much you guys love the Weather Collection so I am doing a formula off of that." So her Stormi-inspired collection is inspiring the Kylighter change!

It doesn't sound as though Jenner is totally swapping out the original Kylighter formula just yet or for good. Maybe it's an extension and an upgrade. That's totally her right as the boss of the brand with an amazing track record. She is very likely basing the "new" formula off her personal preference and that of her fans who provide their product feedback in the comments of posts.

When Jenner swatched the formulas on her fingers and her wrist, you can definitely see the difference in performance. Jenner referred to it as "an update." The first swipe on her middle finger is of the original formula and the swatch is "super silky," per Jenner. The second swatch on her pointer finger shows a richer, more metallic, and more shimmery "new" formula. It's certainly jacked up a notch.

On her wrist, the new formula is on the top and the original is on the bottom. You witness more depth and dimension in the top swatch. Jenner also promised that she will keep us informed about when she will launch these.

We can't help but wonder if the Kylighters, which feature the brand’s dripping graphic stamped into the product itself, will be offered in expanded, multi-shade palette form. That's what she is holding in the story. But that could just be a prototype for testing, research, and development purposes.

Oh, and try not to be distracted by her sparkly mani!

So, yeah, Jenner was not clear if the new formula is replacing the old one or if she will be offering the Kylighters, which come with super sweet and yummy names like French Vanilla and Cotton Candy Cream, in additional consistencies and packaging.

Maybe the OG edition will serve as the "lite" version of the Kylighters while the new formula will be bolder.

Jenner does offer a lighter, more comfy wear version of her hero product — matte liquid lipsticks. The Lip Kit formula is super rich, pigmented, and long-wear. Those don't budge but they can get a little cakey. She also offers the plush Velvet formula — that texture is not quite as long wear. But it's creamy, dreamy, and smooth. The two consistencies co-exist happily within the overall universe of products. So it's quite possible that Jenner will offer Kylighters in multiple formats, configurations, and shades.

We will have to wait and see exactly how the Kylighters further evolve. Jenner is really generous with teases and reveals on the brand's social feeds. So your best bet is stay tuned to those channels for an update.