Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Got Matching Tattoos — And Fans Think It’s A Baby Name Clue

by Kali Borovic
Bob Levey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner kept her fans in the dark throughout her pregnancy, but she might be giving hints to the baby's name through her love of a particular insect. As Refinery29 originally reported, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott got matching tattoos back in June 2017, and the tattoo artist reposted the image to congratulate the couple on their baby. While some might see this as a a cute couples moment for the past, some fans think that the butterfly tattoo might have something to do with the baby's name.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, Kylie announced her baby name is Stormi in an Instagram post with an angel emoji.

EARLIER: The YouTube video posted to Jenner's social media gave fans a peek at everything they've wanted to know for the past nine months. The 20-year-old was indeed pregnant as the entire world suspected, and the baby girl arrived on Feb. 1. The only detail that Jenner didn't share was the name. But fans think that the couple's butterfly tattoos might be the key to the name.

According to the comment section on Bang Bang Tattoos artist Jon Boy's Instagram, some people think that Jenner and Scott named their baby Butterfly, which are the teeny tiny tattoos pictures in the black and white photo. Others think that they named her Vanessa, which translates to "butterfly" in Greek.

As Jenner proved through the past nine months, she will only tell us what she wants us to know. There's no way to know for sure what her baby's name is until she officially announces it, likely on social media.

The tattoos aren't new. The couple got the matching ink back in June 2017, after Scott release his song "Butterfly Effect." People thought that it was just a cute way for them to make their relationship public. But it was also eight months ago, which means they could have easily known that they were pregnant at the time.

This isn't the first time that a butterfly has flown around on social media surrounding the couple, either. Jenner posted a photo on her Instagram in November, wearing pink butterfly rings. Fans have hopped onto the throwback photos to comment on how the jewelry matches the items that she wore in the announcement video.

In case you live under a rock, Jenner secretly filmed footage of herself for the last nine months and uploaded it to YouTube on Feb. 4. In the video, she is wearing the same ring seen in the photo as well as a butterfly necklace as well. Whether it's the name of the baby or just a theme for the girl's room, the world has yet to find out.

While Jenner naming her baby Butterfly would be unconventional, it would just be another kreative Kardashian name. Kim Kardashian just recently named her baby girl Chicago, to join Saint and North West. Rob Kardashian also chose the unconventional name Dream for his baby with Blac Chyna. If the other fan theory is true, and the baby is named Vanessa, this could be the most conventional Kardashian-Jenner baby name yet.

There is another baby name theory floating around as well. According to People, fans think that the baby might be named Posie K. Kris Jenner reposted an image of the new Kylie Cosmetics Posie K trio coming out on Feb. 5 in honor of the second anniversary of the shade.

To be honest, there's probably a better chance of the baby being name Butterfly. I'm not ruling out there being a Lip Kit named in honor of the baby, but odds are it isn't one of the already existing names.

One thing is for sure — people won't know the name until Jenner wants them too. After all, she did keep the pregnancy a secret for the full nine months. There's no telling what other secrets she's hiding.

Correction: A previous headline was incorrect. It has been updated.