Kylie Jenner Is Trying To Bring Back This Early '00s Trend

by Kali Borovic

It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner family knows a thing or two about groundbreaking trends. The social media stars are always on top of the latest clothing and accessories, but this time Kylie Jenner is making an old accessory new again. You know that cherry-printed purse that she took a mini-photoshoot with on her Instagram? Well, Kylie Jenner's cherry Louis Vuitton bag is actually an early '00s throwback. This isn't the only time that she's traveled back in her closet to rock an oldie but goodie of a trend, either.

When I first saw Jenner's bag, it look super familiar to me, but I couldn't remember exactly why until I searched "Louise Vuitton Cherry Bag" and realized it was the same trendy bag I used to gawk over when I was in middle school. That's right! According to Vogue, Jenner's accessory of choice is the cherry print purse from Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and it first came out in 2005. The design was part of the Cerises Collection that launched just after the two created the colorful LV logos and cherry blossom-printed bag — you know, the one Regina George and Cady Herron carried around in Mean Girls.

If you're looking to nail the trend, you have a few options. Either you can pull one out of your closet if you were lucky enough to own one, buy one from a secondhand clothing app or store, or get another cherry-printed accessory. Unfortunately, the brand no longer carries the cherry print bags.

Believe it or not, there are actually a lot up for grabs on clothing resale websites. There is one for sale on Tradesy for a cool $799 or The Real Real for $749, if you're looking to bring back the trend. eBay also has a variety of cherry-printed bags from the Cerises Collection, ranging from $185 to $800.

This isn't the only time she's latched onto a throwback look. While Jenner is a huge fan of making her own trends, she loves to mix old and new, as well. Here are some of her best early '00-inspired moments.

1. Von Dutch Hat

She didn't just have the hat, either. Jenner wore a full Von Dutch printed outfit in summer of 2016.

She was really committed to bring this look back.

2. Juicy Tracksuit

There was the time that she rocked the Juicy tracksuit. If this doesn't give you early 2000 flashbacks, then I don't know what will.

3. Christina Halloween Costume

Or when she decided to, you know, be Christina Aguilera from her "Dirrty" music video.

It was pretty convincing, actually.

4. Matching Tracksuits

Her matching tracksuits give off some major '00s vibes too.

5. Monogrammed Necklace

Except, in the good old days, yours probably wasn't made out of real diamonds.

Taking something old and making it new again is never a bad thing. I can't wait to see which celebrities jump on the cherry-print Louis Vuitton bandwagon.