Kylie Jenner Just Shared Her First YouTube Video & You Need To Watch It

by Melanie Richtman

Kylie Jenner has done it again. While rumors circulate about her possible pregnancy, Jenner is focusing on her true passion: makeup. On Thursday, Jenner and her pal Jordyn Woods starred in her first Kylie Cosmetics YouTube video and in it, Jenner revealed the new fall lip kit colors.

In the video, which Jenner promoted on her Snapchat, Jenner and Woods try on each of the new five shades to show how they look on different skin tones. Although the two seem kind of awkward at the beginning of the video, they warm up as they try on the different lip kits and sound like any other pair of best friends.

When talking about the five colors, which aren't all dark shades, as one might've expected for a fall collection, she said, "I just wanted this collection to be colors I've never done before, out of the box, and just really fun." It's safe to say she nailed it.

The Kylie Cosmetics fall lip kits go on sale Friday, Oct. 6 at 3 p.m. PT, so you'll be able to get your hands on the new shades before you know it.

But if you don't want to watch the full six minute video, here are 13 things you'll definitely want to know about Jenner's new fall Kylie Lip Kits.

1. Woods Kicks Off The Video With A New Kylie Cosmetics Makeup Bag

In the beginning of the video, Woods gets handed a black makeup bag with Kylie embroidered on it. Maybe these will go on sale with the new fall lip kits.

2. The Packaging Is Black This Time Around

The typical lip kit packaging is white, so these are markedly different. And as Woods says in the video, "Packaging is such a huge part of the product." It's safe to say this packaging really makes the lip kits look appropriate for fall.

3. Jenner Kept The Fall Lip Kits A Secret From Woods

Normally Jenner tests all of her lip kit shades on Woods, but this time around, she kept them a secret so Woods would be surprised for the video.

4. The First Color Is Named Autumn

Autumn is a pretty, light red color that is very wearable, according to Jenner and Woods.

5. Jenner Says She Fills In Most Of Her Lip With Liner First

When they start applying Autumn, Woods asks Jenner if she applies lip liner as an outline or on the whole lip. Jenner replies, "Kind of the whole lip, I guess."

6. Autumn & Kristen Are Two Very Different Colors, Even Though They Look Similar

Jenner swatches Kristen and Autumn on her hand to show the difference between the two colors. Autumn is on the bottom, and in comparison, it looks much more brown than Kristen.

7. Butternut Is Literally The Color Of Butternut Squash Soup

According to Jenner herself, the Butternut lip kit is "literally the color of butternut squash soup." It's definitely not a color everyone would wear, for those few lucky individuals who can rock a golden orange lip color, this is a one of a kind shade for fall.

8. Wicked Is The Perfect Color For Halloween

Wicked is a true purple lip color that really looks cool and wearable on both Jenner and Woods. According to Jenner, this is the color she would wear to a party.

9. Libra Was Named After Woods

Well, kind of. Woods is a Libra, so it was kind of named for her, but it's pretty clear that Jenner did not design this lip kit with Woods' complexion in mind. When Woods said, "I think it's official, Libra is not for me." Jenner replied, "Yeah, it's not for you." Spoken like a true BFF.

10. Libra Is The Lightest Color Jenner Has Ever Made

According to Jenner, Libra is the lightest shade they've ever made. It's much lighter than previous nude shades. It's almost like a frosty light pink nude. And even though Jenner admits it probably won't look the best on everyone, she loves it on herself.

11. The Secret To Making Libra More Wearable Is Maliboo

Kylie gives a tip for making Libra more wearable — just layer it over her Maliboo lip liner.

12. Hazel Is The Perfect Nude Shade For Woods

This shade is closest to Brown Sugar, but it's a little lighter. It honestly looks so good on Woods' skin tone. It stands out a bit more on Jenner, and is probably the perfect fall color for a lot of people.

13. "Here For It" Is The New Cool Kid Phrase, Apparently

Throughout the video, Jenner and Woods kept saying, "I'm here for it," which must be the hot new slang meaning, "I love it," because they used it repeatedly when talking about their favorite shades — "I'm here for the purple." Same.