These Photos From Kylie Jenner’s Trip To France Look Like SO Much Fun

by Nicole Pomarico
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are parents now, but it hasn't stopped them from traveling the world. On Wednesday, Jenner, Scott, and BFF Jordyn Woods flew to France, and from the photos they've shared so far, it seems like they're having a blast. According to Entertainment Tonight, they're in town for Scott's performance at Spotify's beach party at the Cannes Lions Festival, and although it's not clear whether or not they have Stormi in tow, it already seems like a really awesome trip.

Early Wednesday, Jenner posted the first photo from the trip, which ET pointed out was taken at the Cannes' Promenade de la Croisette. She looks awesome , and the weather in France looks gorgeous, so if you're jealous of her trip, you're definitely not the only one. Unfortunately, Jenner didn't offer up any details about her trip in the caption — including a simple earth emoji — but this lady has grown up a jet setter, so it's not like it's her first time in France.

And unfortunately, it's not like Jenner's sharing all the scoop on her trip on Twitter, either, since lately she's been mostly just tweeting about Kylie Cosmetics, so fans will have to live vicariously through her photos for now.

Woods also shared a few photos of herself from the trip on her Instagram, captioning one of them, "ended up in France." Ending up with one of your best friends? Yeah, that sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend part of your summer.

Jenner also kept fans updated on her trip in her Instagram Story, where she posted a few videos and boomerangs from their first night out on the town — even if some of the photos she shared were a little confusing. First of all, it seems like she and her friends were eating Lunchables. Girl, you're in France. You can eat Lunchables at home.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

And for the record, it is only right to eat your Lunchables cold. That's how you'd have to do it in the cafeteria at school, which is the real and true authentic Lunchables experience. And fortunately, it appears Jenner is on the right side of history, because she can be heard saying, "disgusting" as she zooms in on the pizza in the microwave. She knows what's up.

Jenner also showed off a photo of her boots from the Kendall and Kylie line she shares with her sister, as well as some footage of her and Woods enjoying Scott's show from backstage, dancing and drinking. This seems to be the right way to go to a concert, doesn't it?

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Jenner also shared a video of her assistant, Victoria Villarroel, who's also on the trip, after she fell out of one of those trendy egg chairs. She seems embarrassed, but honestly, it happens to the best of us.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

The fun didn't stop Wednesday night, either. On Thursday morning, Woods shared a quick photo on her Instagram story from a Louis Vuitton event, and according to a post she retweeted, it looks like she (and maybe even Jenner and Scott) are at a fashion show for their new men's line. When in France, right?

So far, it seems like Jenner, Woods, and Scott are having so much fun in France, and being that the new parent life can be pretty rough, this is probably a well deserved break for Jenner and Scott. Fingers crossed they'll share more photos from their trip — the rest of us who are stuck at work might be jealous, but we need something to entertain us. Let's have the pics, Kylie.