This Photo Of Stormi Wearing A Travis Scott ‘Astroworld’ Shirt Proves She’s His Biggest Fan

by Taylor Ferber
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no doubt this kid is a total daddy's girl. She's been rolling with her famous dad from city to city, and Stormi wearing Travis Scott's Astroworld Tour shirt really proves she's his biggest fan. Since the rapper's tour kicked off in November, his 11-month-old daughter has been on the move with him while on the hip of her BFF and mom, Kylie Jenner. Jenner's new photo of their daughter shows she's always representing her dad... even outside of her swanky, VIP room backstage.

On Sunday, Jenner posted two photos of Stormi in her Astroworld shirt. (Who knew they even made tour shirts that small?) Stormi and her dad have shared so many sweet moments together since the tour started, and her adorable tour shirt is just one souvenir to remember them by. Jenner has documented life on the road and Stormi always seems like a happy baby along for the ride. She's really loving this whole tour life thing.

In late November, Jenner shared Stormi's private backstage room at Scott's Madison Square Garden show in a video posted to her vlog. While explaining to fans that Stormi gets "her own room at every venue," Jenner also gave a bit of a tour. Stormi's MSG room consisted of white couches, curtain-lined walls, a massive turf mat over the carpet floor, a big TV, plants, toys, and snacks like Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos and Rice Krispie Treats. Even though their little one isn't allowed inside the venue due to noise, she's still watching her dad with pride nearby.

"We don’t let her out because of how loud it is out there, but she just usually stays backstage and watches until her bed time," Jenner explained on the vlog. "She’ll watch on the TV what’s going on." Stormi was even welcomed into her private room with a little rug that says, "Wish you were here," representing the full tour name Astroworld: Wish You Were Here Tour. In the video, Scott sneaks backstage to be with Jenner and Stormi, holding his daughter up in the air before stealing a hug from her. He may be performing for thousands of fans, but he only has eyes for Jenner and his little girl.

While touring, Scott is constantly showing his daughter that he's never too busy for her and just how special she is. In January, he gave Stormi a chair made of stuffed animals and the loving gift costed $25,000, according to People. Jenner posted a photo of Stormi loving her chair with the caption, "daddy dropped off a new chair for stormi 😫😍." And the love is mutual.

A day after Scott's Astroworld festival lineup was revealed, Jenner posted a series of photos of Scott holding Stormi with a sweet caption. "Only the people around you really know how hard you work. i love to watch you make all your dreams come true. your first festival. we’re so proud of you. we love you," she wrote, proving how solid and supportive this family unit is. In November, Jenner tried to get Stormi to say "Kylie cosmetics" and she responded, "dada." Yep, she's a fan.

Jenner has been super supportive of her man along the ride, celebrating Astroworld and posting photos of herself wearing his tour shirt as well. It's likely she and Stormi will continue rooting him on throughout the rest of his tour, which is scheduled to wrap in March.

Meanwhile, the couple reportedly has even more plans in mind: another baby. A source recently claimed to People the pair is looking to expand their family soon and that Jenner and Scott "want another baby... sooner rather than later." And if the reports are true, what better way to add to Travis Scott's most committed and loving fan club?