This Swimwear Brand Will Replace Your Suit If Your Size Changes Within A Year, No Questions Asked

Courtesy La Porte

If you're sick of buying a new bathing suit every time your body changes, this is the brand for you. La Porte has an "open door policy" for its' swimsuits, meaning that you can return it if your weight fluctuates through the year. It's safe to say that this brand is changing the game when it comes to swimsuit shopping.

La Porte wants you to love its' swimsuit, but it wants you to love your body as well. The brand's Open Door Policy states that if your size fluctuates from the size that you purchased in the 365 days since you purchased it, the brand will send you a new bathing suit— no questions asked. The only catch is that you have to send back the one that doesn't fit you anymore.

"We don't know everything, but we do know swimwear. We get it -things happen, your body changes, clothes fit differently. We've lived it. The way you feel in your swim should never be a concern — leave the fittings to us," the website reads.

"Introducing The Open Door Policy. If your size or shape changes within 365 days of purchase, we’re happy to exchange your suit for free. For smaller or larger, we’re with you."

Courtesy La Porte

This isn't free returns on items that don't fit you. This is free, no questions asked size swaps for when you're not feeling comfortable in the size that you originally chose.

La Porte's swimsuits are described on the website as livable luxury items. That's a fun way to say that they are a little bit pricier than your average suit and can be worn in a lot of different ways. Think: ready-to-swim items that also work as supportive bodysuits, crop tops, and bandeaus.

Each piece ranges from $68 to $168 when the items aren't on sale. The suits are also all reversible, so you can make the most of your purchase.

The brand's policy takes the fear out of investing in a pricier swimsuit and saves you from having to buy a new one every time your body changes. The policy works as long as the swimsuit in the new size is still in stock and you are still within the first 365 days since you've purchased.

Courtesy La Porte

Even before this policy was put in place, the brand was not your average swimwear seller. The name "La Porte" actually means door in French, so the Open Door Policy makes complete sense. According to the website, "the line conceptualizes each collection as a point of connection amongst people, places, and cultural movements."

The Open Door Policy proves that the brand is holding true to the brand being a point of connection. La Porte does not just take your money for a suit and send you on your way. Instead, it wants to make sure that you are truly happy with your purchase for an entire year.

Courtesy La Porte

La Porte's Open Door Policy is a total game-changing for the fashion industry. It changes the way that brands sell, how people think about making a purchase, and his or her experience while wearing the item. If only all brands cared about their customers this much.