LaCroix Hair Is A Thing Now & Basic Has Never Looked So Beautiful

If you open your eyes, inspiration is everywhere. And, yes, that even means you can find hair inspo in a can of your favorite soft drink. LaCroix-inspired hair is the newest coif color trend that is currently raging on Instagram, and it's even cooler than it sounds. The soda-alternative beverages — which come in yummy flavors packaged in pretty, artisanal cans — are proving to inspire some incredible dye jobs.

During Halloween, Scruples Hair Care tasked eight colorists to color outside the lines, so to speak. The colorists were asked to create hair looks inspired by the bubbly, delish beverages. Using Scruples Urban Shock products, the colorists got to work — and the results are bonkers.

These types of challenges go viral on the Internet simply because they are so visually pleasing. But let's not forget that they also demonstrate some serious artistry. After all, hair stylish is not only an act of self-expression, but can also be a work of art.

The colorists created lots of mermaid and unicorn-like looks, given the LaCroix color palette. Each look is guaranteed to elicit a genuine "wow!" response and is comprised of at least two to three colors, save for one somewhat monochromatic coif. But even that one was awesomely unusual.

Ultimately, these hair hues are as effervescent as a hearty sip of LaCroix. Take a look at the hair creations for yourself.

Christine Angeline, for example, opted for a cantaloupe and grapefruit color mix for super fresh 'n' fruity follicles inspired by the flavorful drink.

Kristina Cheeseman was inspired by LaCroix's Mure Pepino flavor when creating this unicorn-approved 'do.

This Megan Schipani-created rainbow hair is based on the Passionfruit flavor. The level of artisanship is astounding. Look at how she managed to go ombre with at least six shades. That's pure talent and skill right there.

The Apricot LaCroix flavor was the muse of this multicolored and curled coif. The style makes it appear as the strand changes color mid-shaft. Is it an optical illusion? How was the color actually applied? When your hair generates this many questions, it's a telltale sign of an unforgettable 'do.

Who knew a can of a berry-flavored bev could inspire this mermaid-like cascade of hair? LaCroix hair is totally reinventing the concept of highlights and lowlights.

Cran-Raspberry was the source of influence on this cotton candy pink set of strands. Don't you love how the shimmery blue strands play peek-a-boo amid all of that pinkness?

The dip-dyed look usually focuses on one additional color on the ends for contrast. This one involves several! It just might encourage you to drink a Pampelmousse LaCroix or to have some fun with your hair and experiment with a whacky color combo.

The Coconut-inspired LaCroix hair appears to be the most wearable IRL. At first glance, it looks like a semi-uniform, dirty white blonde shade. But look closer and you'll see the blue x green tips.

The Internet's feelings about LaCroix hair were generally favorable.

These comments sum up all of the feels.

Rainbowlicious, indeed. Some of the colorists commented and were proud of their efforts. And rightfully so.

But the beauty inspo from colorful LaCroix cans doesn't have to be permanent. Perhaps this can of LaCroix will inspire your next eye makeup look. Orange and yellow smoky eyes, anyone?!